The Congo, and Other Poems

The Congo, and Other Poems

By Vachel Lindsay
Book Description

More than 75 works, including a number of Lindsay's most popular performance pieces, "The Congo" and "The Santa Fe Trail" among them, reprinted with his own directions on how to recite them.

Table of Contents
  • [Nicholas Vachel Lindsay, Illinois Artist. 1879-1931.]
    • With an introduction by Harriet Monroe Editor of "Poetry"
  • Introduction. By Harriet Monroe
  • Contents
  • First Section ~~ Poems intended to be read aloud, or chanted.
  • The Congo
    • A Study of the Negro Race
  • The Santa Fe Trail
  • The Firemen's Ball
  • The Master of the Dance
  • The Mysterious Cat
  • A Dirge for a Righteous Kitten
  • Yankee Doodle
  • The Black Hawk War of the Artists
    • Written for Lorado Taft's Statue of Black Hawk at Oregon, Illinois
  • The Jingo and the Minstrel
  • I Heard Immanuel Singing
  • Second Section ~~ Incense
  • An Argument
  • A Rhyme about an Electrical Advertising Sign
  • In Memory of a Child
  • Galahad, Knight Who Perished
  • The Leaden-eyed
  • An Indian Summer Day on the Prairie
  • The Hearth Eternal
  • The Soul of the City Receives the Gift of the Holy Spirit
  • I Went down into the Desert
  • Love and Law
  • The Perfect Marriage
  • Darling Daughter of Babylon
  • The Amaranth
  • The Alchemist's Petition
  • Two Easter Stanzas
  • The Traveller-heart
  • The North Star Whispers to the Blacksmith's Son
  • Third Section ~~ A Miscellany called "the Christmas Tree"
  • This Section is a Christmas Tree
  • The Sun Says his Prayers
  • Popcorn, Glass Balls, and Cranberries
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