By Henrik Ibsen
Book Description

Deep currents of thought about social and political change run through 'Rosmersholm', the last of Ibsen's political plays. Johannes Rosmer, a leading member of his community, chooses to support the new reformist government despite his own upper class origins. Unfortunately, his complicated relationship with Rebecca West, a friend of his dead wife who now lives in his house, leaves him open to attacks from those angry at what they see as his political and moral betrayal. Inspired by an upheaval in Norwegian politics, as well as the life of one of Ibsen's friends, 'Rosmersholm' was first performed at the National Theatre in Bergen, Norway, in 1887. Despite its relative obscurity, it is considered by some Ibsen scholars to be one of his masterpieces.

Table of Contents
  • A play in four acts
    • by
    • Translated by R. FARQUHARSON SHARP
    • ACT 1
    • ACT II
    • ACT III
    • ACT IV
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