Pillars of Society

Pillars of Society

By Henrik Ibsen
Book Description

The Pillars of Society (original Norwegian title: Samfundets støtter) is an 1877 play written by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen. Ibsen had great trouble with the writing of this play which came before the series of masterpieces which made him famous throughout the world. The ending is the most criticised feature, since Bernick is clearly guilty of attempted murder but gets off unscathed, but successfully illustrates that the rich and powerful are often selfish and corrupt.-- Excerpted from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Table of Contents
  • Pillars of Society
  • A play in four acts.
    • by
  • Henrik Ibsen
    • Translated by R. Farquharson Sharp
    • ACT I.
    • ACT II
    • ACT III
    • ACT IV
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