Hodder Education
Caribbean Primary Mathematics Workbook 3 6th edition
Karen Morrison
Caribbean Primary Mathematics Workbook 3 6th edition
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The best-known Primary Mathematics series in the Caribbean, updated and revised for the 21st Century.

Practise and reinforce learning from the Student's Book, with fun and inspiring additional exercises.

- Focus on self-directed learning, problem-solving and raising standards with a series updated by practising teachers.
- Engage students and make maths more relevant with real-life situations, showing Mathematics in daily life.
- Encourage students to understand and build their own learning with reinforcement exercises for all key skills and concepts.

Book title
Topic 1 Getting ready
Number concepts
More numbers
Skip counting
Counting and ordering
Shapes, graphs and money
Topic 2 Number sense (1)
Numbers above 100
More numbers
Place value
More place value
Rounding numbers
More rounding
Problem-solving with numbers
Topic 3 Computation (1)
Number facts
Addition and subtraction facts to 20
Calculating with everyday numbers
More adding and subtracting
Rounding and estimating
Subtraction problems
Money problems
Topic 4 Shape and space (1)
Points, lines and line segments
Lines and angles
Angles and sides
2-D shapes
More shapes
Properties of shapes
Topic 5 Number sense (2)
Ordinal numbers
Odd and even numbers
More odd and even numbers
Topic 6 Algebraic thinking
Skip counting patterns
Patterns and number lines
Topic 7 Computation (2)
Multiplication and division facts
Times tables
More times tables
Division facts
Multiplying by 100
Multiplication and division problems
Topic 8 Measurement (1)
Measuring in centimetres
Measuring in metres
Measuring mass
Measuring capacity
Topic 9 Data handling (1)
Tally charts and tables
More tallies
Venn diagrams
Carroll diagrams
Topic 10 Number sense (3)
More fractions
Equivalent fractions
Comparing fractions
Topic 11 Measurement (2)
Topic 12 Shape and space (2)
Naming 3-D shapes
Properties of 3-D shapes
Sorting 3-D shapes
Parts of 3-D shapes
Drawing and describing 3-D shapes
Topic 13 Computation (3)
Adding and subtracting fractions
Fractions of an hour
Fractions of a group
More fractions of a group
Topic 14 Measurement (3)
More temperatures
How long does it take?
Telling the time
Using a calendar
Making plans
Another calendar
Duration of activities
Equivalent times
Counting money
Make equivalent amounts
Topic 15 Data handling (2)
More pictographs
Tables and graphs
Reading graphs
Certain, possible and impossible
Topic 16 Shape and space (3)
Make a symmetrical shape
Drawing shapes
Graph paper
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