Austin Mitchell
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I’m Back From The Hills Now

Short summary of Stories:

Jack Deland’s Disappearance-What could have made the old tailor do a disappearing act like that? Read further in Jack Deland’s disappearance.
A Suspicious Death- Todd was dead. Most of the villagers believed that he was poisoned, but did the authorities share their suspicions. Read further in A Suspicious Death.
A Case of Mistaken Identity- A man was dead, hit down by a bus, but everybody went home when they realized that it was a case of mistaken identity. Read further in A Case of Mistaken Identity.
One Good Turn……-They say that one good turn deserves another. Apparently, Jacqueline didn’t think so. Read further in One Good Turn…….
The Infatuated Teenager-Why did my friend Elroy decide to stick around Leila and her friend,
Greta, when he knew that he wasn’t wanted? Read further in The Infatuated Teenager
An Honest Driver- The driver was indeed honest despite being persuaded to do otherwise.
Read further in An Honest Driver.
A Dangerous Hike-Why were Juvert and his cronies so hell bent on preventing the youths
from venturing into Brentwood Gap? Read further in A Dangerous Hike.
A Whiff of Smoke-A marijuana seller is caught aboard a bus, despite his best efforts to escape. Read further in A Whiff of Smoke.
Big Dread-Was the system set up to destroy youths from the inner cities? Read further in Big Dread.
The Angry Bull-Was it a case of greed why Todd didn’t sell the bull? After all, he knew how
dangerous it was. Read further in The Angry Bull.
The Wrong Set of Crooks- Was Deuce too trusting of his in-laws? Read further in The Wrong
set of Crooks.
Midtown Lovers-Was Avrill in love with Grant? Why was he in such a big haste to get married
to her? And what about Gena, would she stand aside and lose her lover to another woman?
Read further in Midtown Lovers.
The Marijuana Peddling Student- Dirks Corbin was making loads of money peddling
marijuana. He was now driving a car and women were eating out of his hands. Then things
began to go wrong. Read further in The Marijuana Peddling Student.
The Big Find-What will Ephraim do when he finally catches up with Norris and the money he
had stolen from him? But the Coleman gang is also hunting Norris and their money, which he
stole. Read further in The Big Find.
Bad Word Cursing Students- Students are caught cursing bad words. Read further in Bad
Word Cursing Students.

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