Performances of Peace

Performances of Peace

By R. Bruin de
Book Description

Performances of Peace: Utrecht 1713 aims to rethink the significance of the Peace of Utrecht (1713) by exploring the nexus between culture and politics. This book is available in Open Access.

Table of Contents
  • Contents
  • List of Illustrations
  • Notes on Contributors
  • Introduction
  • Part 1 The Diplomatic Stage
    • Chapter 1The Olive and the Horse: The Eighteenth-Century Culture of Diplomacy
    • Chapter 2 Behind the Stage: The Global Dimension of the Negotiations
    • Chapter 3 ‘Enemies of their patrie’? Savoyard Identity and the Dilemmas of War, 1690–1713
    • Chapter 4 Pride and Prejudice: Universal Monarchy Discourse and the Peace Negotiations of 1709–1710
  • Part 2 The Publicity Stage
    • Chapter 5 Madame Du Noyer Presenting and Re-presenting the Peace of Utrecht
    • Chapter 6 ‘Dieu veuille que cette Paix soit de longue durée . . .’ The History of the Congress and the Peace of Utrecht by Casimir Freschot
    • Chapter 7 The Treaty of Utrecht and Addison’s Cato: Britain’s War of the Spanish Succession, Peace and the Imperial Road Map
    • Chapter 8 Swift’s Peace of Utrecht
    • Chapter 9 Visions of Europe: Contrasts and Combinations of National and European Identities in Literary Representations of the Peace of Utrecht (1713)
  • Part 3 The Theatrical Stage
    • Chapter 10 Theatres of War and Diplomacy on the Early-Eighteenth-Century Amsterdam Stage
    • Chapter 11 Performance and Propaganda in Spanish America during the War of the Spanish Succession
    • Chapter12 Promoting the Peace: Queen Anne and the Public Thanksgiving at St Paul’s Cathedral
    • Chapter 13 Fiery Metaphors in the Public Space: Celebratory Culture and Political Consciousness around the Peace of Utrecht
  • Part 4 Commemorative Stage
    • Chapter 14 Memory Theatre: Remembering the Peace after Three Hundred Years
    • Chapter 15 Peace Was Made Here: The Tercentennial of the Treaty of Utrecht, 2013–2015
  • Index
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