Crime, Delinquency and Justice: A Caribbean Reader

Crime, Delinquency and Justice: A Caribbean Reader

By Ramesh Deosaran
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Book Description

This reader presents fresh insights on the rapidly expanding and changing crime-related problems in the Caribbean as well as provides information on new dimensions of crime and criminology that are occurring with increasing regularity.

A path-breaking and comprehensive work, Crime Delinquency and Justice: A Caribbean Reader has come at a time when all societies in the Caribbean region are grappling with crime in all its forms; and when the structure of the justice system on which all these societies are founded is being challenged to adjust to changes in society locally and internationally. The work addresses both theoretical and practical issues indicated by the broad range of areas covered including: Theorizing a Caribbean Criminology; Juvenile Delinquency and Public Policy; Domestic Violence and the Criminal Justice System; Community Policing, Police Styles and Use of Force; Corrections; Crime Statistics; the Jury System; Drug Trafficking; Terrorism, Social Upheaval and Political Violence and Human Trafficking.

Much of the contributions are research and data-driven and overall have policy development as their focus. This makes the volume suitable for courses in criminology and criminal justice at both the undergraduate and graduate levels as well as for specialist courses in various aspects of policing and law enforcement.

Table of Contents
  • Table of Contents
  • List of Figures
  • List of Tables
  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Acronyms and Abbreviations
  • PART I: Caribbean Criminology - Theoretical Directions
    • Towards a Caribbean Criminology
    • By Your Theories You Shall Be Known: Some Reflections on Caribbean Criminology
    • Towards a Caribbean Criminology: Prospects and Problems
    • Constructing the Crime Problem through the Media: Melodrama in Venezuela, 1950-99
    • School Violence and Delinquency: The Dynamics of Race, Gender,Class, Age and Parenting in the Caribbean
    • Thinking Violent Thoughts: Students’ Attitudes to Violence within Secondary Schools in Trinidad and Tobago
    • Juvenile Delinquency ,Juvenile Justice and Legal Reform: A Case for an Evidence-Based Approach
    • Juvenile Delinquency inTrinidad and Tobago: Challenges for Social Policy and Caribbean Criminology
  • PART III: Domestic Violence and the law in the Caribbean
    • Provocation: The Difficulty Encountered by the Courts and the Defence’s Impact on ‘Battered Woman’s Syndrome’
    • Innovative Community Approach to Ending Domestic Violence
  • PART IV: Community policing, policing styles and use of force in the caribbean
    • A Caribbean Portrait of Crime, Justice and Community Policing
    • Rough Justice: Political Policing and Colonial Self-Rule in Guyana
    • Policing Styles in the Commonwealth Caribbean: The Jamaican Case
    • Use of Force by Police in the Caribbean: Towards a Social Psychological Analysis
  • PART V: Corrections in the Caribbean
    • Client Rehabilitation or Sanitisation of the Penal Language?: Analysis of Correctional Reforms in Jamaica
    • Variables Associated With Probation Outcomes in Venezuela
    • Prison Recidivism in Trinidad and Tobago: A Baseline Study
  • PART VI: Crime and Development in the Caribbean
    • Crime and Development in the Caribbean: An Investigation of Traditional Explanatory Models
    • Paradise Lost? Crime in the Caribbean: A Comparison of Barbados and Jamaica
    • A Longitudinal Study of Serious Crime in the Caribbean
  • PART VII: The Jury and the Criminal Justice System in the Caribbean
    • The Jury on Trial
    • Pre-Trial Publicity and Juror Prejudice: A Case Study
    • Ensuring Efficiency and Effectiveness in the Criminal Justice System: (The Netherlands Antilles and Aruba (NAA) and Saint Lucia)
  • PART VIII: Drug Trafficking and Public Policy in the Caribbean
    • Conflict and Cooperation in the War on Drugs: The Caribbean Experience
    • Does Drug Enforcement Reduce Crime?: An Empirical Analysis of the Drug War in Central American and Caribbean Countries
  • PART IX: Terrorism, Insurrection and Political Violence in the Caribbean
    • The Politics of Information and the People’s Revolutionary Government: (The 1979 Coup in Grenada and the 1983 US Intervention)
    • The Psychology of Political and Social Conflict: (The 1990 Muslimeen Insurrection inTrinidad and Tobago)
  • PART X: Victimisation in the Caribbean
    • HumanTrafficking and the Dominican Republic: A Victim-Centric Approach
    • Effects of Ethnicity and Nationality on Driving Attitudes and Perceived Risk of Victimisation
    • Perceptual Fearand Risk of Victimisation
  • Contributors
  • Index
  • Author Index
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