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Encounters: Poems form a Chinese-Jamaican Experience
Easton Lee
Literature & Fiction
Encounters: Poems form a Chinese-Jamaican Experience
US$ 9.99
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Having enjoyed great success from his two previous publications From Behind the Counter and Heritage Call: Ballad for the Children of the Dragon, Easton Lee returns with yet another evocative volume of poetry dedicated to preserving Jamaica’s valuable heritage for future generations.

Encounters, enriched by the rhythms and cadences of indigenous Jamaican speech, affectionately documents rural Jamaican life, folklore and culture. Easton Lee’s poems, a product of both his ancestral roots Jamaican and Chinese, are emotionally charged. The reader will alternatively laugh, cry and sigh at the unfolding of these lyrically documented snapshots of daily life and experiences. At the heart of the poems is the theme of identity, and the process of defining a Jamaican self takes the reader on an inward journey through intimate glimpses of family history and community life, and outward across the ocean to the far shores of China and into the lives of ancestors who now exist in another realm.

This book of poems is a celebration of the wealth and variety of the Jamaican culture and spirit, and would make a wonderful addition to any bookshelf.

List of Photos
From Church
Who I am
The Cleaner
All Day Long
From Mount Mercy
In The Ring
In Good Time
Coming Through
Troubling of The Water
Risen Indeed
Imago Dei
From China
Shook Goong
Women of Guangdong
Love Lanterns
The Changing Years
Ballad for Fy Yin - The Brother
Ballad for Fy Yin - The cousin
Ballad for Fy Yin - Himself
Ballad for Fy Yin - The mother
A Love Story
Grandma’s Moon Cakes
Autumn Moon
Moon Phases
Pao Onn Trilogy
New Year Ritual
Heart’s Land
The Tong Knin
The Vow
Village Lament
Incense Burner (for Fat Go)
Hakka Heritage Call
From Jamaica
Basket and Hamper
Market Truck
Wedding Speech
Granny Granny
Me Tu
Sunday Christian
Duppy Deh
Which Name
Changing Times
Jamaica Language
Dress Di Moreis
Race Question
River Lament
River Mumma
Everything in a Name
Words Speakin
Dead Lef
Special Delivery
Dead Power
Stepping Silently
Day Work
For Friends
The View (For Glen and Zel Treasure Beach)
Gift Music
For Edna M
Rhythms for Sonny
Strawberry Fields Forever
Our Days
Come Home Again
Life like Light
The Garden
Sabina Gathering
Mango Season
Ballad for Michael M - My Land, My People
Ballad for Michael M - The Mountains
Ballad for Michael M - Flowers, Flowers
Ballad for Michael M - Children, Children
Ballad for Michael M - Play The Music
For Family
One World
Language Class
Family Hymn
Family Secret
The Night my Mother Died
My Tears
Makes Sense
Guinea Grass
Grandfather’s Heartstrings
Dead is Dead
Junction Morning
New Wine
Mamma’s Christmas
Gentle Sleeper
Family Affair
Growing Up
Survival (for Lady Cooke)
For Others Remembered
Jamaican Woman (For Grace)
August Town Ballad
Kiss My Granny
Children of the Rock
A So Life Go
Lone Traveller
Dirty Water
How Grandpa, How?
Gospel Grinder
As I Say
Secret Pain
Who Dat
God Know
His Shoes New Shoes
Youth Cry
Life Code
Telegram of Death
Ripe Mango
Think on these Things
Farewell Speech
Miss Marry’s Complaint
At Last Peace
Too Much
My Business
Country Scene
Her Story
His Story
Is the Truth
Great is Small, Small is Great
Beloved Country
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