The Fear of Cybercrime

The Fear of Cybercrime

By LLoyd Waller, Corin Bailey, Stephen Johnson
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Book Description

We all do business online in one form or another and in this new globalised dispensation, e-Banking has helped to vastly enhance the symbiotic relationship between banks and their customers. But, there are also challenges; some technological in the form of hardware and software deficiencies and some non-technological such as issues of consumer trust and confidence and access to ICTs. One threat not addressed in the electronic banking literature however, is Fear.In Fear of Cybercrime: Lessons for the Global E-Banking Sector, Lloyd Waller, Corin Bailey and Stephen Johnson address this gap by examining the extent to which fear of cybercrime threatens e-banking. How persons view crime, how much they fear it and their responding actions are examined in the context of the pervasiveness of information technology and the influence of news media. A must-read for bankers and policymakers in particular, but also for academics, Fear of Cybercrime is a useful tool in guiding industry players as to the strategies necessary to lower consumer risk perception and increase protection of personal data.

Table of Contents
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • Understanding Electronic Banking
  • Fear of Crime
  • Cybercrime
  • Fear of Cybercrime as a Challenge to Global Electronic Banking
    • Figure 4.1: Use of Electronic Banking
    • Figure 4.2: Purpose of Using Electronic Banking
    • Figure 4.3: Reasons for not Using Electronic Banking
    • Table 4.1: Fear and the Use of Credit Cards Offline and Online
    • Table 4.2: Factors Influencing Fear of Cybercrime Victimisation
    • Figure 4.4: Risk Perception of Online Banking
    • Figure 4.5: Risk Perception of Online Banking:  Online vs. Offline Users in JAMAICA
    • Figure 4.6: Risk Perception of Online Banking: Online vs. Offline Users in BARBADOS
    • Table 4.3: How the Media Influences Risk Perception
  • The Media, Risk Perception and Fear of Cybercrime
  • Conclusions
  • Bibliography
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