HIV-AIDS & Social Work Practice in the Caribbean

HIV-AIDS & Social Work Practice in the Caribbean

By Adele D. Jones; Jacqueline A. Padmore; Priya E. Maharaj
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HIV-AIDS and Social Work Practice in the Caribbean demonstrates how social workers, working alongside heath care professionals can contribute to the multi-disciplinary intervention in the fight against HIV-AIDS in the Caribbean using the lived experiences of person affected by HIV-AIDS.

Using Trinidad and Tobago as the model for the Caribbean, this volume provides relevant, up-to-date information on theory and practice innovation in addressing the psychological needs of persons affected by HIV-AIDS; and how social work can be utilised as a tool of empowerment for dealing with HIV-AIDS.

The result of three years’ research by scholars of social work, psychology and economics, HIV-AIDS and Social Work Practice in the Caribbean breaks the silence in addressing the psychological implications of HIV-AIDS at the individual, family, community and societal levels and presents a framework and model for promoting social change.

Table of Contents
  • Contents
  • Introduction: Lived Experiences of HIV-AIDS
  • PART I The Context for SocialWork Practice
    • 1. The Institutionalization ofHIV-AIDS-Related Prejudice
    • 2. Social Work and Social Transformation:A Theoretical Model forAIDS Interventions
    • 3. Beyond the Counselling Room:Pushing the Limits of HIV-AIDSSocial Work Practice
    • 4. Accepting to Live:Disclosing the Truth about HIV -The Role of the Social Worker in Disclosure
  • PART II: Risk and Social Support
    • 5. The Impact of HIV-AIDS onChildren at RiskThe Case of Trinidad and Tobago
    • 6. Breaking Barriers:An Exploratory Study of Sex Talk betweenMaternal Parents and Female Adolescents
    • 7. The Impact of Social Support onPeople Living with HIV-AIDS:A Case Study
    • 8. Disability, Sexuality and HIV
  • PART III: Specific Issues for Women
    • 9. Positive Women
    • 10. Women and Adherence toAntiretroviral Therapy
    • 11. Informal Social Support Networksfor HIV-positive Women
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Contributors
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