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Industrial Relations Law and Practice in Jamaica
George Kirkaldy
Industrial Relations Law and Practice in Jamaica
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Industrial Relations Law and Practice in Jamaica is a practical handbook written primarily for persons involved in the day-to-day administration of employer-employee relations in both the public and private sectors. At the same time, its wide ranging examination of the main elements of the law and the general climate of industrial relations, makes this book a useful reference manual for entrepreneurs, policy makers and students. Among the core topics discussed are collective bargaining the settlement of disputes; grievance and disciplinary procedures; conciliation and arbitration. Current issues such as worker participation. Sexual harassment at eh workplace and the concept of a social partnership are among the ‘new’ topics discussed. There is an extensive appendix section containing key policy and other documents as well as useful index.

List of Acronyms
PART ONE: Organisation and Parctices
Workers' and Employers' Organisations
Settlement of Disputes
Collective Bargaining
Disclosure of Information
Contents of Collective Agreements
Conciliation and Mediation
Arbitration Principles and Practices
PART TWO: Workplace Relations
Disciplinary Procedures
Grievance Procedures
Employee Involvement
PART THREE: Statutory and Governmental Provisions
The Trade Union Act
Labour Relations and the Industrial Disputes Act
Regulations for the Taking of Ballots
The Labour Relations Code
Points for Discussion
The Minimum Wage Act
The Employment (Termination and Redundancy Payments) Act, 1974
The Holidays with Pay Act
The Maternity Leave Act
Other Labour Laws
PART FOUR: Miscellaneous Papers
Paper 1: The Strike - Freedom or Right?
Paper 2: Arms of Management
Paper 3: Contract Employment
Paper 4: Sexual Harassment at the Workplace
Paper 5: Incentive Payment Systems
Paper 6: Wage Guidelines
Paper 7: Labour Advisory Council
Paper 8: The International Labour Organisation (ILO)
Paper 9: The Social Partnership Agreement
PART FIVE: Appendices
Appendix I: List of Registered Trade Unions in Jamaica
Appendix II: Constitution of the Joint Industrial Council
Appendix III: Constitution of an Interim Committee
Appendix IV: Authorisation to deduct Union Dues
Appendix V: Agreement to refer a dispute to Voluntary Arbitration
Appendix VI: Memorandum (Specimen)
Appendix VII: Disciplinary Code (Specimen)
Appendix VIII: Draft of a Constitution of a Joint Consultative Committee
Appendix IX: Directions by the Minister of Labour on the taking of Foils in Representational Disputes between Trade Unions
Appendix X: Claim by Trade Union for Recognition
Appendix XI: Certificate by Minister of Labour giving results of Ballot
Appendix XIII: Guide to Calculating Income Tax Eligible on Payments of Lump Sums for Terminal Gratuity, Severance, Redundancy, Wrongful Dismissal and, Loss of employment
Appendix XIV: Ministry Paper No.8 - Prices and Incomes Policy
Appendix XV: Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP)
Appendix XVI: Industrial Disputes Tribunal Award in respect of an Industrial Dispute between Seprod Group of Companies and the Bustamante Industrial Trade Union
Appendix XVII: Important Labour Legislation
Court Cases/Awards
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