Power, Politics and Performance: A Partnership Approach for the Development

Power, Politics and Performance: A Partnership Approach for the Development

By Winston Dookeran
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Book Description

Across the world, the cooperation of political parties to form governments has become more commonplace. In Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa and in Australasia, parties have joined forces and taken a partnership approach to government. In Power Politics and Performance, authors Dookeran and Jantzen, using Trinidad and Tobago as the example, demonstrate how collaboration and consensus can be used to meet the challenges facing small developing states.

Table of Contents
  • INTRODUCTION: A Partnership Approach to Development
  • CHAPTER 1: Paradigm Power: One-World Information Dynamics
  • CHAPTER 2: Getting Development Right: Leadership and Governance in Small States
  • CHAPTER 3: Politics, Development and Sovereignty
  • CHAPTER 4: Foundation for Politics & Leadership
  • CHAPTER 5: Politics and the Culture of Corruption: Culture Matters in Performance, the Gold Pot Economy
  • CHAPTER 6: Coalition Politics & Good Governance
  • CHAPTER 7: Entrepreneurial Economy & Human Potential: A New Path for Economic Development
  • CHAPTER 8: Finance & Development
  • CHAPTER 9: Breaking the Anti Growth Coalition
  • EPILOGUE: A New Leadership Challenge
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