Constitutional Development in the Commonwealth Caribbean

Constitutional Development in the Commonwealth Caribbean

By Unknown
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Book Description

The post-independence history of the Commonwealth Caribbean has witnessed continuous constitutional debate. The contrasting opinions of Eric Williams and Norman Manley as to whether or not the Commonwealth Caribbean constitutional foundations are imported or indigenous, respectively, lay the foundation as the philosophical starting point for the examination of the political dimensions of the constitutional controversies.
In Constitutional Development in the Commonwealth Caribbean, Hamid Ghany delves into constitutional evolution in the Caribbean and demonstrates how political elites in the Caribbean have manipulated political processes to maintain their hold on power behind a façade of a desire for change. The retention of the Westminster-Whitehall model has resulted in lasting institutions that, to the detriment of the populace they serve, are resistant to change.
Ghany deconstructs and examines the differences between the Westminster-Whitehall constitutions of the Commonwealth Caribbean and the original Westminster model in the United Kingdom and provides an understanding of the continuing inability to craft significant reforms.

Table of Contents
  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • Federation and Independence
  • The Supremacy of Parliament and the Supremacy of the Constitution
  • Magna Carta and Human Rights
  • Parliamentary Structures and Composition
  • Commonwealth Caribbean Presidencies
  • The Challenges of Constitutional Reform
  • Bibliography
  • Index
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