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Bond 11+: Bond 11+ Maths Challenge Assessment Papers 9-10 years
Paul Broadbent
Education & Teaching
Bond 11+: Bond 11+ Maths Challenge Assessment Papers 9-10 years
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The Bond 11+ Maths Challenge Assessment Papers for 9-10 years is a new and improved edition of the Bond Maths Stretch Assessment Papers, which now includes new extra tricky questions, as well as fully explained answers in the pull-out centre section of the book. Used with the Maths 11+ Handbook, Challenge Test Paper Packs and other supporting Bond titles, the Challenge Assessment Papers offer rigorous 11+ practice questions to stretch the very brightest minds. Working through the papers helps to prepare children for more difficult questions and competitive exams, and in doing so improves exam skills. Providing challenging practice of Maths skills, these age-ranged, essential study guides really help children to succeed.

Bond is the number 1 provider of 11+ practice, helping millions of children pass selective entrance exams. Bond Assessment is the only series of graded practice papers for age 5 to 13 for Maths and maths, and age 5 to 12 for verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning, the four subjects commonly assessed in entrance examinations.

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