Handbook of Freethought Containing in Condensed and Systematized Form a Vast Amount of Evidence Against the Superstitious Doctrines of Christianity
Handbook of Freethought Containing in Condensed and Systematized Form a Vast Amount of Evidence Against the Superstitious Doctrines of Christianity
The Difference Between the Two Cosmogonies as Given in the First Two Chapters of Genesis.
Evidence of the Vast Age of the Universe.
David Hume’s Argument on Miracles.
Some Extra Miracles.
The Great Quail Story.
A Suit of Clothes Lasting Forty Years, and even then Not Old.
Lot’s Wife turned into a Pillar of Salt.
Cattle which were Killed Several Times After they were Dead.
People Get Up in the morning Dead.
Elisha Returns to Life.
Elijah Went to Heaven in a Chariot of Fire.
The Ass and the Calf.
The Genealogy of Jesus.
When was Jesus Born?
Christianity Rests Upon a Dream.
Jesus an Essene.
Jesus’ Teachings Not up to the Moral Standard of To-day.
Jesus Exhibits an Imperfect Sense of Justice.
Jesus Teaches the Duty of Submission to Wrong.
Immoral Teachings of Jesus.
Bitter and Unreasonable Denunciations of Jesus.
Jesus a False Prophet.
Jesus Curses the Fig Tree.
Contemporaneous Historians are Silent Concerning the Resurrection of Jesus.
The Resurrection of Jesus.
Jesus Foretells his Resurrection.
None of the Disciples Looking for a Resurrection.
The Evidence of Paul on the Resurrection of Jesus.
The Canon.
The Value of Papias’ Testimony.
Ignorance and Dishonesty of the Early Fathers.
Jesus Not a Historical Character.
The Spurious Passage in Josephus.
The Father of Church History.
Spurious Writings of the Early Church.
The Bible Not an Inspired Revelation.
The Pentateuch.
The Bible Not Inspired.
God’s Ways are Not Our Ways.
God is Satisfied with his Works.
God is Dissatisfied with his Works.
God Dwells in Chosen Temples.
God Dwells Not in Temples.
God Dwells in Light.
God Dwells in Darkness.
God is Seen and Heard.
God is Invisible and Cannot be Heard.
God is Tired and Rests.
God is Never Tired and Never Rests.
God is Omnipresent, Sees and Knows all Things.
God is Not Omnipresent, Neither Sees nor Knows all Things.
God Knows the Hearts of Men.
God Tries Men to Find Out what is in their Hearts.
God is All-Powerful.
God is Not All-Powerful.
God is Unchangeable.
God is Changeable.
God is Just and Impartial.
God is Unjust and Partial.
God is Not the Author of Evil.
God is the Author of Evil.
God Gives Freely to those who Ask.
God Withholds his Blessings and Prevents their Reception.
God is to be Found by Those who Seek him.
God is Not to be Found by Those who Seek him.
God is Peaceful.
God is Warlike.
God is Kind, Merciful, and Good.
God is Cruel, Unmerciful, Destructive, and Ferocious.
God’s Anger is Slow, and Endures but for a Moment.
God’s Anger is Fierce, Frequent, and Endures Long.
God Commands, Approves of, and Delights in Burnt Offerings, Sacrifices, and Holy Days.
God Disapproves of, and has no Pleasure in, Burnt Offerings, Sacrifices, and Holy Days.
God Forbids Human Sacrifice.
God Commands and Accepts Human Sacrifices.
God Tempts No Man.
God Does Tempt Men.
God Cannot Lie.
God Lies; He Sends Forth Lying Spirits to Deceive.
Because of Man’s Wickedness God Destroys him.
Because of Man’s Wickedness God will Not Destroy him.
God’s Attributes are Revealed in his Works.
God’s Attributes Cannot be Discovered.
There is a Plurality of Gods.
Robbery Commanded.
Robbery Forbidden.
Lying Commanded, Approved, and Sanctioned.
Lying Forbidden.
Killing Commanded and Sanctioned.
Killing Forbidden.
The Blood-Shedder Must Die.
The Blood-Shedder Must Not Die.
The Making of Images Forbidden.
The Making of Images Commanded.
Slavery and Oppression Ordained.
Slavery and Oppression Forbidden.
Improvidence Enjoined.
Improvidence Condemned.
Anger Approved.
Anger Disapproved.
Good Works to be Seen of Men.
Good Works Not to be Seen of Men.
Judging of Others Forbidden.
Judging of Others Approved.
Jesus Taught Non-Resistance.
Jesus Taught and Practiced Physical Resistance.
Jesus Warned his Followers Not to Fear Being Killed.
Jesus Himself Avoided the Jews for Fear of Being killed.
Public Prayer Sanctioned.
Public Prayer Disapproved.
Importunity in Prayer Commended.
Importunity in Prayer Condemned.
The Wearing of Long Hair by Men Sanctioned.
The Wearing of Long Hair by Men Condemned.
Circumcision Instituted.
Circumcision Condemned.
The Sabbath Instituted.
The Sabbath Repudiated.
The Sabbath Instituted because God Rested the Seventh Day.
The Sabbath Instituted for a Very Different Reason.
No Work to be Done on the Sabbath under Penalty of Death.
Jesus Broke the Sabbath and Justified the Act.
Baptism Commanded.
Baptism Not Commanded.
Every Kind of Animal Allowed for Food.
Certain Kinds of Animals Prohibited for Food.
The Taking of Oaths Sanctioned.
The Taking of Oaths Forbidden.
Marriage Approved and Sanctioned.
Marriage Disapproved.
Freedom of Divorce Permitted.
Divorce Restricted.
Adultery Sanctioned.
Adultery Forbidden.
Marriage or Cohabitation with a Sister Denounced.
Abraham Married his Sister, and God Blessed the Union.
A Man May Marry His Brother’s Widow.
A Man May Not Marry his Brother’s Widow.
Hatred to Kindred Enjoined.
Hatred to Kindred Condemned.
Intoxicating Beverages Recommended.
Intoxicating Beverages Discountenanced.
It is Our Duty to Obey Rulers, Who are God’s Ministers and Punish Evil Doers Only.
It is Not Our Duty Always to Obey Rulers, Who Sometimes Punish the Good, and Receive Damnation Therefor.
Woman’s Rights Denied.
Woman’s Rights Affirmed.
Obedience to Masters Enjoined.
Obedience Due to God Only.
There is an Unpardonable Sin.
There is No Unpardonable Sin.
Man was Created After the Other Animals.
Man was Created Before the Other Animals.
Noah, by God’s Command, Took Into the Ark Clean Beasts by Sevens.
Noah, by God’s Command, Took Into the Ark Clean Beasts by Twos.
Seed Time and Harvest were Never to Cease.
Seed Time and Harvest Did Cease for Seven Years.
God Hardened Pharaoh’s Heart.
Pharaoh Hardened His Own Heart.
All the Cattle and Horses in Egypt Died.
All the Horses of Egypt did Not Die.
John the Baptist Recognized Jesus as the Messiah.
John the Baptist did Not Recognize Jesus as the Messiah.
John the Baptist was Elias.
John the Baptist was Not Elias.
The Father of Joseph, Mary’s Husband, was Jacob.
The Father of Mary’s Husband was Heli.
The Father of Salah was Arphaxad.
The Father of Sala was Cainan.
The Infant Jesus was Taken into Egypt.
The Infant Jesus was Not Taken into Egypt.
Jesus was Tempted in the Wilderness.
Jesus was Not Tempted in the Wilderness.
Jesus Preached his First Sermon Sitting on the Mount.
He Preached his First Sermon Standing in the Plain.
John was in Prison when Jesus went into Galilee.
John was Not in Prison when Jesus went into Galilee.
The Disciples were Commanded to Take a Staff and Sandals.
They were Commanded to Take Neither Staves Nor Sandals.
Two Blind Men Besought Jesus.
Only One Blind Man Besought Him.
Two Men Coming Out of the Tombs Met Jesus.
Only One Man Coming Out of the Tombs Met Him.
A Centurion Besought Jesus to Heal his Servant.
Not the Centurion, but his Messengers, Besought Jesus.
Jesus was Crucified at the Third Hour.
He was Not Crucified Until the Sixth Hour.
The Two Thieves Reviled Jesus.
Only One of the Thieves Reviled Him.
Vinegar Mingled with Gall was Offered Jesus.
Wine Mingled with Myrrh was Offered to Him.
Satan Entered into Judas while at the Supper.
Satan Entered into him Before the Supper.
Judas Returned the Pieces of Silver.
Judas did Not Return the Pieces of Silver.
Judas Hanged Himself.
Judas did Not Hang Himself, but Died Another Way.
The Potter’s Field was Purchased by Judas.
The Potter’s Field was Purchased by the Chief Priests.
But One Woman Came to the Sepulcher.
Two Women Came to the Sepulcher.
Three Women Came to the Sepulcher.
More than Three Women Came to the Sepulcher.
It was at Sunrise when they Came to the Sepulcher.
It was some time Before Sunrise when They came.
Two Angels were Seen at the Sepulcher, Standing up.
But One Angel was Seen, and He was Sitting Down.
Two Angels were Seen within the Sepulcher.
But One Angel was Seen within the Sepulcher.
The One Angel Seen was Without the Sepulcher.
The Women went and Told the Disciples of Christ’s Resurrection.
The Women did Not Go and Tell the Disciples.
The Angels Appeared After Peter and John Visited the Sepulcher.
The Angels Appeared Before Peter Alone Visited the Sepulcher.
Jesus Appeared First to Mary Magdalene Only.
Jesus Appeared First to the Two Marys.
He Appeared to Neither of the Marys.
Jesus was to be Three Days and Three Nights in the Grave.
He was but Two Days and Two Nights in the Grave.
The Holy Ghost Was Bestowed at Pentecost.
The Holy Ghost was Bestowed Before Pentecost.
The Disciples were Commanded Immediately After the Resurrection to go into Galilee.
They were Commanded Immediately After the Resurrection to Tarry at Jerusalem.
Jesus First Appeared to the Eleven Disciples in a Room at Jerusalem.
He First Appeared to them on a Mountain in Galilee.
Jesus Ascended from Mount Olivet.
He Ascended from Bethany.
Did he Ascend from Either Place?
Paul’s Attendants Heard the Voice, and Stood Speechless.
His Attendants Heard Not the Voice, and were Prostrate.
Abraham Departed to go into Canaan.
Abraham Went not Knowing Where.
Abraham had Two Sons.
Abraham had but One Son.
Keturah was Abraham’s Wife.
Keturah was Abraham’s Concubine.
Abraham Begat a Son when he was a Hundred Years Old, by the Interposition of Providence.
Abraham Begat Six Children More After he was a Hundred Years Old, Without any Interposition of Providence.
Jacob Bought a Sepulcher of the Sons of Hamor.
Abraham Bought it of the Sons of Emmor.
God Promised the Land of Canaan to Abraham and his Seed.
Abraham and his Seed Never Received the Promised Land.
Baasha Died in the Twenty-sixth Year of Asa.
Baasha did Not Die in the Twenty-sixth Year of Asa.
Ahaziah was the Youngest Son of Jehoram.
Ahaziah was Not the Youngest Son of Jehoram.
Ahaziah was Twenty-two Years Old when he Began to Reign, being Eighteen Years Younger than his Father.
Ahaziah was Forty-two Years Old when he Began to Reign, being Two Years Older than his Father.
Michal had No Child.
Michal had Five Children.
David was Tempted by the Lord to Number the People.
David was Tempted by Satan to Number the People.
There were 800,000 Warriors of Israel and 500,000 of Judah.
There were 1,100,000 of Israel and 470,000 of Judah.
David Sinned in Numbering the People.
David Never Sinned except in the Matter of Uriah.
David Slew 700 Syrian Charioteers and 40,000 Horsemen.
David Slew 7,000 Syrian Charioteers and 40,000 Footmen.
David Paid for a Threshing Floor Fifty Shekels of Silver.
David Paid for it Six Hundred Shekels of Gold.
Goliath was Slain by David.
Goliath was Slain by Elhanan.
Christ is Equal with God.
Christ is Not Equal with God.
Christ Judged Men.
Christ Judged No Man.
Jesus was All Powerful.
Jesus was Not All Powerful.
The Law was Superceded by the Christian Dispensation.
The Law was Not Superceded by the Christian Dispensation.
Christ’s Mission was Peace.
Christ’s Mission was Not Peace.
Christ Received not Testimony from Man.
Christ Did Receive Testimony from Man.
Christ’s Witness of Himself is True.
Christ’s Witness of Himself is Not True.
It was Lawful for the Jews to Put Jesus to Death.
It was Not Lawful for the Jews to Put him to Death.
Children are Punished for the Sins of their Parents.
Children are Not Punished for the Sins of their Parents.
Man is Justified by Faith Alone.
Man is Not Justified by Faith Alone.
It is Impossible to Fall from Grace.
It is Possible to Fall from Grace.
No Man is Without Sin.
Christians are Sinless.
There is to be a Resurrection of the Dead.
There is to be no Resurrection of the Dead.
Reward and Punishment to be Bestowed in this World.
Reward and Punishment to be Bestowed in the Next World.
Annihilation the Portion of all Mankind.
Endless Misery the Portion of a Part of Mankind.
The Earth is to be Destroyed.
The Earth is Never to be Destroyed.
No Evil Shall Happen to the Godly.
Evil Does Happen to the Godly.
Worldly Good and Prosperity the Lot of the Godly.
Worldly Misery and Destitution the Lot of the Godly.
Worldly Prosperity a Blessing and a Reward of Righteousness.
Worldly Prosperity a Curse and a Bar to Future Reward.
The Christian Yoke is Easy.
The Christian Yoke is Not Easy.
The Fruit of God’s Spirit is Love and Gentleness.
The Fruit of God’s Spirit is Vengeance and Fury.
Prosperity and Longevity Enjoyed by the Wicked.
Prosperity and Longevity Denied to the Wicked.
Poverty is a Blessing.
Riches a Blessing.
Neither Poverty nor Riches a Blessing.
Wisdom a Source of Enjoyment.
Wisdom a Source of Vexation, Grief, and Sorrow.
A Good Name a Blessing.
A Good Name is a Curse.
Laughter Commended.
Laughter Condemned.
The Rod of Correction a Remedy for Foolishness.
There is No Remedy for Foolishness.
Temptation to be Desired.
Temptation Not to be Desired.
Prophecy is Sure.
Prophecy is Not Sure.
Man’s Life was to be One Hundred and Twenty Years.
Man’s Life is but Seventy Years.
Miracles a Proof of Divine Mission.
Miracles Not a Proof of Divine Mission.
Moses was a Very Meek Man.
Moses was a Very Cruel Man.
Elijah Went up to Heaven.
None but Christ Ever Ascended into Heaven.
All Scripture is Inspired.
Some Scripture is Not Inspired.
What is, and Where is the Soul?
Is This Life the “Be-all and End-all?”
Materialism—Prof. Tyndall.
The Origin of Belief in the Soul.
“When a Man Dies what Becomes of his Soul?”
Some Soul Questions.
First Cause.
The Days of the Week.
One Day in Seven?
The Edict of Constantine.
Sabbath Engenders Cruelty.
The Puritans.
Sunday Should be Regarded as a day of Rest and Recreation.
Unconstitutionality of Sunday Laws.
Ben. Franklin on Connecticut Sundays.
A Common Sense View of the Sunday Question.
Everybody’s Sunday.
Industrial Influences.
Metaphysical Method.
Some things Christianity has Not Done.
The Conflict between Christianity and Civilization.
The Bible Sanctions Great Crimes.
Wars of Extermination.
The Subjection of Woman.
The New Testament as well as the Old, Holds Woman in Servile Bondage.
The Bible Sanctions Slavery.
The New Testament Sanctions Slavery.
The American Church was the Bulwark of American Slavery.
The Reformation.
Christianity Teaches Immorality.
Prayer is Immoral.
Faith in Prayer.
A Specimen Prayer.
The Boston Man’s Prayer.
Prayer an Echo.
Other Worldliness.
Christianity is Intolerant.
Hell, Hades, Gehenna, Sheol.
Pictures of Hell.
The Church Opposed to Progress.
The New Testament Teaches Intolerance.
The Inquisition in Spain, 1568.
The Inquisition.
The Church Opposed to Liberty.
The Bible Opposed to Liberty.
Popular Questions and Objections.
Orthodoxy and Liberalism Compared.
The Objects of Orthodoxy and Liberalism.
“Safest to Believe.”
The “Safe Side.”
Popular Objections to Infidelity Answered, Showing Some Mistakes of Christians.
“All Owing to the Bible.”
The Inconsistency of Agnosticism.
God Responsible for the Ills Man Suffers.
The Idea of God Must Go.
Jehovah a Failure.
Atonement for Sin, an Immoral Doctrine.
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