The Boy Patrol on Guard

The Boy Patrol on Guard

By Edward Sylvester Ellis
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • CHAPTER I—A Prospective Tenderfoot
  • CHAPTER II—Lost In the Woods
  • CHAPTER III—The Hermit of the Woods
  • CHAPTER IV—The Training of the Tenderfoot
  • CHAPTER V—How “Knot” to Do Several Things
  • CHAPTER VI—How Two Millionaires Did a Good Turn
  • CHAPTER VII—On Gosling Lake
  • CHAPTER VIII—The “Instructor In Woodcraft”
  • CHAPTER IX—The New Tenderfoot
  • CHAPTER X—A Few Native Trees
  • CHAPTER XI—A Lesson In Trailing
  • CHAPTER XII—How It Was Done
  • CHAPTER XIII—A Bit of Detective Work
  • CHAPTER XIV—The Story of Johnny Appleseed
  • CHAPTER XV—Other Neighbors
  • CHAPTER XVI—The Sunbeam of Gosling Lake
  • CHAPTER XVII—An “Injin” Story
  • CHAPTER XVIII—The Echo of a World Tragedy
  • CHAPTER XIX—A Queen And Her Subjects
  • CHAPTER XX—What Did It Mean?
  • CHAPTER XXI—How It Happened
  • CHAPTER XXII—Sunshine
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