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Penguin Island
Anatole France
Penguin Island

A myopic saint mistakenly baptizes some penguins, ushering in a centuries-spanning satire of French history.

Penguin Island
Book I: The Beginnings
I: Life of Saint Maël
II: The Apostolical Vocation of Saint Maël
III: The Temptation of Saint Maël
IV: St. Maël’s Navigation on the Ocean of Ice
V: The Baptism of the Penguins
VI: An Assembly in Paradise
VI: An Assembly in Paradise
VIII: Metamorphosis of the Penguins
Book II: The Ancient Times
I: The First Clothes
II: The First Clothes
III: Setting Bounds to the Fields and the Origin of Property
IV: The First Assembly of the Estates of Penguinia
V: The Marriage of Kraken and Orberosia
VI: The Dragon of Alca
VII: The Dragon of Alca
VIII: The Dragon of Alca
IX: The Dragon of Alca
X: The Dragon of Alca
XI: The Dragon of Alca
XII: The Dragon of Alca
XII: The Dragon of Alca
Book III: The Middle Ages and the Renaissance
I: Brian the Good and Queen Glamorgan
II: Draco the Great
III: Queen Crucha
IV: Letters
V: The Arts
Margaritone’s Vision
VI: Marbodius
The Descent of Marbodius Into Hell
VII: Signs in the Moon
Book IV: Trinco
I: Mother Rouquin
II: Trinco
Account of the Travels of Young Djambi in Penguinia
III: The Journey of Doctor Obnubile
Book V: Chatillon
I: The Reverend Fathers Agaric and Cornemuse
II: Prince Crucho
III: The Cabal
IV: Viscountess Olive
V: The Prince des Boscénos
VI: The Emiral’s Fall
VII: Conclusion
Book VI: The Affair of the Eighty Thousand Trusses of Hay
I: General Greatauk, Duke of Skull
II: Pyrot
III: Count de Maubec de la Dentdulynx
IV: Colomban
V: The Reverend Fathers Agaric and Cornemuse
VI: The Seven Hundred Pyrotists
VII: Bidault-Coquille and Maniflore, the Socialists
VIII: The Colomban Trial
IX: Father Douillard
X: Mr. Justice Chaussepied
XI: Conclusion
Book VII: Madame Cérès
I: Madame Clarence’s Drawing Room
II: The Charity of St. Orberosia
III: Hippolyte Cérès
IV: A Politician’s Marriage
V: The Visire Cabinet
VI: The Sofa of the Favourite
VII: The First Consequences
VIII: Further Consequences
IX: The Final Consequences
The Zenith of Penguin Civilization
Book VIII: Future Times
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