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The History of Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia
Samuel Johnson
The History of Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia

An Abyssinian prince embarks on adventures while exploring the meaning of happiness.

The History of Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia
I: Description of a Palace in a Valley
II: The Discontent of Rasselas in the Happy Valley
III: The Wants of Him That Wants Nothing
IV: The Prince Continues to Grieve and Muse
V: The Prince Meditates His Escape
VI: A Dissertation on the Art of Flying
VII: The Prince Finds a Man of Learning
VIII: The History of Imlac
IX: The History of Imlac Continued
X: Imlac’s History Continued—A Dissertation Upon Poetry
XI: Imlac’s History Continued—A Hint of Pilgrimage
XII: The Story of Imlac Continued
XIII: Rasselas Discovers the Means of Escape
XIV: Rasselas and Imlac Receive an Unexpected Visit
XV: The Prince and Princess Leave the Valley, and See Many Wonders
XVI: They Enter Cairo, and Find Every Man Happy
XVII: The Prince Associates with Young Men of Spirit and Gaiety
XVIII: The Prince Finds a Wise and Happy Man
XIX: A Glimpse of Pastoral Life
XX: The Danger of Prosperity
XXI: The Happiness of Solitude—The Hermit’s History
XXII: The Happiness of a Life Led According to Nature
XXIII: The Prince and His Sister Divide Between Them the Work of Observation
XXIV: The Prince Examines the Happiness of High Stations
XXV: The Princess Pursues Her Inquiry with More Diligence Than Success
XXVI: The Princess Continues Her Remarks Upon Private Life
XXVII: Disquisition Upon Greatness
XXVIII: Rasselas and Nekayah Continue Their Conversation
XXIX: The Debate on Marriage Continued
XXX: Imlac Enters, and Changes the Conversation
XXXI: They Visit the Pyramids
XXXII: They Enter the Pyramid
XXXIII: The Princess Meets with an Unexpected Misfortune
XXXIV: They Return to Cairo Without Pekuah
XXXV: The Princess Languishes for Want of Pekuah
XXXVI: Pekuah Is Still Remembered. The Progress of Sorrow
XXXVII: The Princess Hears News of Pekuah
XXXVIII: The Adventures of the Lady Pekuah
XXXIX: The Adventures of Pekuah Continued
XL: The History of a Man of Learning
XLI: The Astronomer Discovers the Cause of His Uneasiness
XLII: The Opinion of the Astronomer Is Explained and Justified
XLIII: The Astronomer Leaves Imlac His Directions
XLIV: The Dangerous Prevalence of Imagination
XLV: They Discourse with an Old Man
XLVI: The Princess and Pekuah Visit the Astronomer
XLVII: The Prince Enters, and Brings a New Topic
XLVIII: Imlac Discourses on the Nature of the Soul
XLIX: The Conclusion, in Which Nothing Is Concluded
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