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The Slaves of Paris
Émile Gaboriau
The Slaves of Paris

A group of blackmailers play a long game on several families.

Part I: Caught in the Net
I: Putting on the Screw
II: A Registry Office
III: The Opinion of Dr. Hortebise
IV: A Trustworthy Servant
V: A Forgotten Crime
VI: A Medical Advisor
VII: In the Studio
VIII: Mademoiselle de Mussidan
IX: Rose’s Promotion
X: “You Are a Thief”
XI: The Man-Milliner
XII: A Startling Revelation
XIII: Husband and Wife
XIV: Father and Daughter
XV: Master Chupin
XVI: A Turn of the Screw
XVII: Some Scraps of Paper
XVIII: An Infamous Trade
XIX: A Friendly Rival
XX: A Council of War
XXI: An Academy of Music
XXII: Diamond Cut Diamond
XXIII: Father and Son
XXIV: An Artful Trick
XXV: A New Skin
XXVI: At the Grand Turk
XXVII: The Last Link
Part II: The Champdoce Mystery
I: A Ducal Monomaniac
II: A Dangerous Acquaintance
III: A Bold Adventure
IV: A Financial Transaction
V: A Bad Start
VI: The Count de Puymandour
VII: An Unlucky Blow
VIII: The Little Glass Bottle
IX: The Honor of the Name
X: A Thunderbolt
XI: Marriage Bells; Funeral Knells
XII: “Rash Word, Rash Deed”
XIII: A Scheme of Vengeance
XIV: False Friend, Old Lover
XV: A Stab in the Dark
XVI: Husband and Lover
XVII: Blade to Blade
XVIII: The Heir of Champdoce
XIX: Mascarin Speaks
XX: A Sudden Check
XXI: A Melancholy Masher
XXII: A Gentleman in Difficulties
XXIII: Ringing the Changes
XXIV: The Vanishing Bills
XXV: The Spy
XXVI: Mascarin Moves
XXVII: A Cruel Slur
XXVIII: The Tempter
XXIX: The Tafila Copper Mines, Limited
XXX: The Veiled Portrait
XXXI: Gaston’s Dilemma
XXXII: M. Lecoq
XXXIII: Through the Air
XXXIV: The Day of Reckoning
XXXV: “Every Man to His Own Place”
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