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Lady Audley’s Secret
M. E. Braddon
Lady Audley’s Secret

When his friend disappears suddenly in mysterious circumstances, a young, idle barrister feels forced to investigate, even at the peril of destroying the happiness of his beloved uncle.

I: Lucy
II: On Board the Argus
III: Hidden Relics
IV: In the First Page of the Times
V: The Headstone at Ventnor
VI: Anywhere, Anywhere Out of the World
VII: After a Year
VIII: Before the Storm
IX: After the Storm
X: Missing
XI: The Mark Upon My Lady’s Wrist
XII: Still Missing
XIII: Troubled Dreams
XIV: Phoebe’s Suitor
XV: On the Watch
XVI: Robert Audley Gets His Conge
XVII: At the Castle Inn
XVIII: Robert Receives a Visitor Whom He Had Scarcely Expected
XIX: The Writing in the Book
XX: Mrs. Plowson
XXI: Little Georgey Leaves His Old Home
XXII: Coming to a Standstill
XXIII: Clara
XXIV: George’s Letters
XXV: Retrograde Investigation
XXVI: So Far and No Farther
XXVII: Beginning at the Other End
XXVIII: Hidden in the Grave
XXIX: In the Lime-Walk
XXX: Preparing the Ground
XXXI: Phoebe’s Petition
XXXII: The Red Light in the Sky
XXXIII: The Bearer of the Tidings
XXXIV: My Lady Tells the Truth
XXXV: The Hush That Succeeds the Tempest
XXXVI: Dr. Mosgrave’s Advice
XXXVII: Buried Alive
XXXVIII: Ghost-Haunted
XXXIX: That Which the Dying Man Had to Tell
XL: Restored
XLI: At Peace
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