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The Beetle
Richard Marsh
The Beetle

A group of middle-class Victorians find themselves pitted against an ancient Egyptian evil.

Book I: The House with the Open Window
I: Outside
II: Inside
III: The Man in the Bed
IV: A Lonely Vigil
V: An Instruction to Commit Burglary
VI: A Singular Felony
VII: The Great Paul Lessingham
VIII: The Man in the Street
IX: The Contents of the Packet
Book II: The Haunted Man
X: Rejected
XI: A Midnight Episode
XII: A Morning Visitor
XIII: The Picture
XIV: The Duchess’ Ball
XV: Mr. Lessingham Speaks
XVI: Atherton’s Magic Vapour
XVII: Magic?—Or Miracle?
XVIII: The Apotheosis of the Beetle
XIX: The Lady Rages
XX: A Heavy Father
XXI: The Terror in the Night
XXII: The Haunted Man
Book III: The Terror by Night and the Terror by Day
XXIII: The Way He Told Her
XXIV: A Woman’s View
XXV: The Man in the Street
XXVI: A Father’s No
XXVII: The Terror by Night
XXVIII: The Strange Story of the Man in the Street
XXIX: The House on the Road from the Workhouse
XXX: The Singular Behaviour of Mr. Holt
XXXI: The Terror by Day
Book IV: In Pursuit
XXXII: A New Client
XXXIII: What Came of Looking Through a Lattice
XXXIV: After Twenty Years
XXXV: A Bringer of Tidings
XXXVI: What the Tidings Were
XXXVII: What Was Hidden Under the Floor
XXXVIII: The Rest of the Find
XXXIX: Miss Louisa Coleman
XL: What Miss Coleman Saw Through the Window
XLI: The Constable—His Clue—and the Cab
XLII: The Quarry Doubles
XLIII: The Murder at Mrs. ’Enderson’s
XLIV: The Man Who Was Murdered
XLV: All That Mrs. ’Enderson Knew
XLVI: The Sudden Stopping
XLVII: The Contents of the Third-Class Carriage
XLVIII: The Conclusion of the Matter
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