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Green Forest Stories
Thornton W. Burgess
Green Forest Stories

A collection of four animal tales featuring the denizens of the Green Forest.

Green Forest Stories
Lightfoot the Deer
I: Peter Rabbit Meets Lightfoot
II: Lightfoot’s New Antlers
III: Lightfoot Tells How His Antlers Grew
IV: The Spirit of Fear
V: Sammy Jay Brings Lightfoot Word
VI: A Game of Hide and Seek
VII: The Merry Little Breezes Help Lightfoot
VIII: Wit Against Wit
IX: Lightfoot Becomes Uncertain
X: Lightfoot’s Clever Trick
XI: The Hunted Watches the Hunter
XII: Lightfoot Visits Paddy the Beaver
XIII: Lightfoot and Paddy Become Partners
XIV: How Paddy Warned Lightfoot
XV: The Three Watchers
XVI: Visitors to Paddy’s Pond
XVII: Sammy Jay Arrives
XVIII: The Hunter Loses His Temper
XIX: Sammy Jay Is Modest
XX: Lightfoot Hears a Dreadful Sound
XXI: How Lightfoot Got Rid of the Hounds
XXII: Lightfoot’s Long Swim
XXIII: Lightfoot Finds a Friend
XXIV: The Hunter Is Disappointed
XXV: The Hunter Lies in Wait
XXVI: Lightfoot Does the Wise Thing
XXVII: Sammy Jay Worries
XXVIII: The Hunting Season Ends
XXIX: Mr. and Mrs. Quack Are Startled
XXX: The Mystery Is Solved
XXXI: A Surprising Discovery
XXXII: Lightfoot Sees the Stranger
XXXIII: A Different Game of Hide and Seek
XXXIV: A Startling New Footprint
XXXV: Lightfoot Is Reckless
XXXVI: Sammy Jay Takes a Hand
XXXVII: The Great Fight
XXXVIII: An Unseen Watcher
XXXIX: Lightfoot Discovers Love
XL: Happy Days in the Green Forest
Blacky the Crow
I: Blacky the Crow Makes a Discovery
II: Blacky Makes Sure
III: Blacky Finds Out Who Owns the Eggs
IV: The Cunning of Blacky
V: Blacky Calls His Friends
VI: Hooty the Owl Doesn’t Stay Still
VII: Blacky Tries Another Plan
VIII: Hooty Comes to Mrs. Hooty’s Aid
IX: Blacky Thinks of Farmer Brown’s Boy
X: Farmer Brown’s Boy and Hooty
XI: Farmer Brown’s Boy Is Tempted
XII: A Treetop Battle
XIII: Blacky Has a Change of Heart
XIV: Blacky Makes a Call
XV: Blacky Does a Little Looking About
XVI: Blacky Finds Other Signs
XVII: Blacky Watches a Queer Performance
XVIII: Blacky Becomes Very Suspicious
XIX: Blacky Makes More Discoveries
XX: Blacky Drops a Hint
XXI: At Last Blacky Is Sure
XXII: Blacky Goes Home Happy
XXIII: Blacky Calls Farmer Brown’s Boy
XXIV: Farmer Brown’s Boy Does Some Thinking
XXV: Blacky Gets a Dreadful Shock
XXVI: Why the Hunter Got No Ducks
XXVII: The Hunter Gives Up
XXVIII: Blacky Has a Talk with Dusky the Black Duck
XXIX: Blacky Discovers an Egg
XXX: Blacky Screws Up His Courage
XXXI: An Egg That Wouldn’t Behave
XXXII: What Blacky Did with the Stolen Egg
Whitefoot the Wood Mouse
I: Whitefoot Spends a Happy Winter
II: Whitefoot Sees Queer Things
III: Farmer Brown’s Boy Becomes Acquainted
IV: Whitefoot Grows Anxious
V: The End of Whitefoot’s Worries
VI: A Very Careless Jump
VII: Whitefoot Gives Up Hope
VIII: The Rescue
IX: Two Timid Persons Meet
X: The White Watchers
XI: Jumper Is in Doubt
XII: Whitey the Owl Saves Jumper
XIII: Whitefoot Decides Quickly
XIV: Shadow’s Return
XV: Whitefoot’s Dreadful Journey
XVI: Whitefoot Climbs a Tree
XVII: Whitefoot Finds a Hole Just in Time
XVIII: An Unpleasant Surprise
XIX: Whitefoot Finds a Home at Last
XX: Whitefoot Makes Himself at Home
XXI: Whitefoot Envies Timmy
XXII: Timmy Proves to Be a True Neighbor
XXIII: Whitefoot Spends a Dreadful Night
XXIV: Whitefoot the Wood Mouse Is Unhappy
XXV: Whitefoot Finds Out What the Matter Was
XXVI: Love Fills the Heart of Whitefoot
XXVII: Mr. and Mrs. Whitefoot
XXVIII: Mrs. Whitefoot Decides on a Home
XXIX: Making Over an Old House
XXX: The Whitefoots Enjoy Their New Home
XXXI: Whitefoot Is Hurt
XXXII: The Surprise
Buster Bear’s Twins
I: Mother Bear’s Secret
II: Peter Scares the Twins
III: Peter’s Glee Is Short-Lived
IV: Boxer and Woof-Woof
V: Out in the Great World
VI: The Twins Climb a Tree
VII: A Scare That Didn’t Work
VIII: Too Late Chatterer Is Sorry
IX: The Twins Have to Go Home
X: The Twins Get Even with Peter Rabbit
XI: Peter Is in a Tight Place
XII: Peter Takes a Chance
XIII: A Great Mix-Up of Little Bears
XIV: Two Foolish-Feeling Little Bears
XV: The Twins Meet Their Father
XVI: The Twins Take to a Tree
XVII: Mother Comes to the Rescue
XVIII: The Twins Are Comforted
XIX: The Cubs Talk It Over
XX: The Twins Get Their First Bath
XXI: The Twins Are Still Puzzled
XXII: Boxer Gets a Spanking
XXIII: Boxer Is Sulky
XXIV: Boxer Starts Out to Get Even
XXV: Chatterer Has Fun with Boxer
XXVI: Alone and Lost in the Great World
XXVII: A Dreadful Night for a Little Bear
XXVIII: Boxer Gets His Own Breakfast
XXIX: Boxer Has a Painful Lesson
XXX: Boxer Is Sadder but Much Wiser
XXXI: Boxer Meets a Polite Little Fellow
XXXII: Boxer Wishes He Hadn’t
XXXIII: Woof-Woof Turns Up Her Nose
XXXIV: All Is Well at Last
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