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Green Meadow Stories
Thornton W. Burgess
Green Meadow Stories

A compilation of four distinct but entwined animal tales featuring the denizens of the Green Meadows.

Happy Jack
I: Happy Jack Drops a Nut
II: The Quarrel
III: Striped Chipmunk Is Kept Very Busy
IV: Happy Jack and Chatterer Feel Foolish
V: Happy Jack Suspects Striped Chipmunk
VI: Happy Jack Spies on Striped Chipmunk
VII: Striped Chipmunk Has Fun with Happy Jack
VIII: Happy Jack Turns Burglar
IX: Happy Jack Squirrel’s Sad Mistake
X: Striped Chipmunk’s Happy Thought
XI: Striped Chipmunk’s Thanksgiving Dinner
XII: Happy Jack Does Some Thinking
XIII: Happy Jack Gets a Warning
XIV: Happy Jack’s Run for Life
XV: Who Saved Happy Jack Squirrel?
XVI: Happy Jack Misses Farmer Brown’s Boy
XVII: Tommy Tit Brings News
XVIII: Happy Jack Decides to Make a Call
XIX: Tommy Tit and Happy Jack Pay a Visit
XX: What Was the Matter with Farmer Brown’s Boy?
XXI: Happy Jack Squirrel Grows Very Bold
XXII: Happy Jack Dares Tommy Tit
XXIII: Sammy Jay Is Quite Upset
XXIV: A Dream Comes True
XXV: Happy Jack Has a Happy Thought
XXVI: Farmer Brown’s Boy Wakes with a Start
XXVII: Happy Jack Is Afraid to Go Home
XXVIII: Happy Jack Finds a New Home
XXIX: Farmer Brown’s Boy Takes a Prisoner
XXX: A Prisoner Without Fear
XXXI: What Farmer Brown’s Boy Did with Shadow
XXXII: Happy Jack Is Perfectly Happy
XXXIII: Sammy Jay Upsets Happy Jack
Mrs. Peter Rabbit
I: Peter Rabbit Loses His Appetite
II: Peter Rabbit Plans a Journey
III: Hooty the Owl Changes His Hunting Grounds
IV: The Shadow with Sharp Claws
V: In the Old Pasture
VI: Peter Rabbit Is Still Lonesome
VII: Peter Finds Tracks
VIII: The Strange Tracks in the Old Pasture
IX: An Unpleasant Surprise
X: Peter Rabbit Almost Decides to Return Home
XI: Peter Rabbit Has a Sudden Change of Mind
XII: Peter Learns Something from Tommy Tit
XIII: Little Miss Fuzzytail
XIV: Someone Fools Old Jed Thumper
XV: A Pleasant Surprise for Peter
XVI: Peter Rabbit’s Looking-Glass
XVII: Peter Meets Miss Fuzzytail
XVIII: Tommy Tit Proves a Friend Indeed
XIX: Old Man Coyote Pays a Debt
XX: Little Miss Fuzzytail Whispers “Yes”
XXI: Peter and Little Miss Fuzzytail Leave the Old Pasture
XXII: Sammy Jay Becomes Curious
XXIII: Peter Introduces Mrs. Peter
XXIV: Danny Meadow Mouse Warns Peter Rabbit
XXV: Peter Rabbit’s Heedlessness
XXVI: Peter Rabbit Listens to Mrs. Peter
XXVII: Mistah Mocker Plays a Joke on Mrs. Peter
XXVIII: News from the Old Briar-Patch
XXIX: Jimmy Skunk Visits Peter Rabbit
XXX: Reddy Fox Learns the Secret
XXXI: Blacky the Crow Has Sharp Eyes
XXXII: Peter Rabbit’s Nursery
Bowser the Hound
I: Old Man Coyote Leads Bowser Away
II: Old Man Coyote Plays a Trick
III: What Happened to Bowser
IV: Poor Bowser
V: Bowser Spends a Bad Night
VI: The Surprise of Blacky the Crow
VII: Blacky the Crow Takes Pity on Bowser
VIII: How Blacky the Crow Helped Bowser
IX: Old Man Coyote Gives Out Dark Hints
X: How Reddy Fox Investigated
XI: A Little Unpleasantness
XII: The Cleverness of Old Man Coyote
XIII: The Mischievous Little Night Breeze
XIV: The Difference Between Being Inside and Outside
XV: Reddy’s Forlorn Chance
XVI: Why Reddy Went Without a Chicken Dinner
XVII: Farmer Brown’s Boy Drops a Pan of Corn
XVIII: Mutual Relief
XIX: Where Was Bowser the Hound?
XX: Where Bowser Was
XXI: Bowser Becomes a Prisoner
XXII: Farmer Brown’s Boy Looks in Vain
XXIII: Bowser’s Great Voice
XXIV: Blacky Tries to Get Help
XXV: Blacky Calls on Reddy Fox
XXVI: Red Wits and Black Wits
XXVII: The Artfulness of Blacky
XXVIII: Reddy Fox Dreams of Chickens
XXIX: Reddy Tries to Arouse Blacky’s Pity
XXX: Blacky the Crow Is All Pity
XXXI: Blacky Is Much Pleased with Himself
XXXII: Blacky Waits for Reddy
XXXIII: Reddy Watches the Fat Hens
XXXIV: Patience and Impatience
XXXV: Things Happen All at Once
XXXVI: Reddy Hides the Fat Hen
XXXVII: Farmer Brown’s Boy Has a Glad Surprise
XXXVIII: Reddy Goes Back for His Fat Hen
XXXIX: A Vanished Dinner
XL: Where Was Reddy’s Dinner?
XLI: What Blacky the Crow Saw
XLII: All Is Well That Ends Well
Old Granny Fox
I: Reddy Fox Brings Granny News
II: Granny and Reddy Fox Go Hunting
III: Reddy Is Sure Granny Has Lost Her Senses
IV: Quacker the Duck Grows Curious
V: Reddy Fox Is Afraid to Go Home
VI: Old Granny Fox Is Caught Napping
VII: Granny Fox Has a Bad Dream
VIII: What Farmer Brown’s Boy Did
IX: Reddy Fox Hears About Granny Fox
X: Reddy Fox Is Impudent
XI: After the Storm
XII: Granny and Reddy Fox Hunt in Vain
XIII: Granny Fox Admits Growing Old
XIV: Three Vain and Foolish Wishes
XV: Reddy Fights a Battle
XVI: Reddy Is Made Truly Happy
XVII: Granny Fox Promises Reddy Bowser’s Dinner
XVIII: Why Bowser the Hound Didn’t Eat His Dinner
XIX: Old Man Coyote Does a Little Thinking
XX: A Twice Stolen Dinner
XXI: Granny and Reddy Talk Things Over
XXII: Granny Fox Plans to Get a Fat Hen
XXIII: Farmer Brown’s Boy Forgets to Close the Gate
XXIV: A Midnight Visit
XXV: A Dinner for Two
XXVI: Farmer Brown’s Boy Sets a Trap
XXVII: Prickly Porky Takes a Sun Bath
XXVIII: Prickly Porky Enjoys Himself
XXIX: The New Home in the Old Pasture
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