Cambridge IGCSE & O Level Chemistry: Exam Success

Cambridge IGCSE & O Level Chemistry: Exam Success

By Lawrie Ryan, Roger Norris
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Book Description

The Cambridge IGCSE® & O Level Chemistry Exam Success Guide fully supports the latest Cambridge IGCSE (0620) & O Level (5070) syllabuses and is suitable for use alongside our Complete and Essential IGCSE Chemistry series.

The Guide helps students cope with the increased rigour of linear IGCSEs by bringing clarity and focus to exam preparation and by providing explicit exam guidance. Learners can recap content through easy-to-digest chunks, apply this via targeted revision activities, review and reflect on their work, and use exam practice and worked examples to achieve best results.

The Chemistry Exam Success Guide is written by Roger Norris, Cambridge chief examiner for IGCSE Chemistry, and Lawrie Ryan, series editor of the Essential Science series. Students can benefit from their expertise and excellent understanding of what support learners need in order to reach their full potential.

Other resources are also available: a Practical Workbook, Student Books and Workbooks. The Practical Workbook helps students to achieve practical exam success. The Complete or Essential Student Book is at the heart of delivering the course and is available in print, online or in a great-value print and online pack. The Complete or Essential Workbook is for independent practice and strengthens exam potential inside and outside the classroom.

Table of Contents
  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • 1 Particle theory
  • 2 Separating substances
  • 3 Atoms, elements and compounds
  • 4 Structure and bonding
  • 5 Formulae and equations
  • 6 Chemical calculations
  • 7 Electricity and chemistry
  • 8 Chemical energetics
  • 9 Rates of reaction
  • 10 Chemical reactions
  • 11 Acids and bases
  • 12 Making and identifying salts
  • 13 The Periodic Table
  • 14 Metals and reactivity
  • 15 More about metals
  • 16 Compounds of nitrogen and sulfur
  • 17 Environmental chemistry
  • 18 Organic chemistry and petrochemicals
  • 19 Some homologous series of organic compounds
  • 20 Polymers
  • Glossary
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