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Super Happy Magic Forest and the Deep Trouble
Matty Long
Super Happy Magic Forest and the Deep Trouble
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The Super Happy Magic Forest is the friendliest, most frolic-filled place in all the world, but very occasionally something comes along and disturb the peace. That's when our five brave heroes step up to save the day-there's Blossom the unicorn, Twinkle the pixie, Herbert the gnome, Hoofius the faun, and a plucky little mushroom called Trevor.

In this adventure, the five heroes go diving for Candy Coral in Lake Sparkle and find more than they bargained for-a fishy-looking creature called Foam. It's the start of a brand-new seafaring quest! Time for the gang to find their sea-legs and set sail on an adventure to the underwater city of Fishopolis!

Chapter One Something Fishy
Chapter Two Enter The Centaur
Chapter Three Jigging For Treasure
Chapter Four In A Pinch
Chapter Five Laying Down The Claw
Chapter Six Merhaven
Chapter Seven A Twist In The Tail
Chapter Eight Into The Deep
Chapter Nine Suckers For Punishment
Chapter Ten Crunch Time
Chapter Eleven Sunken Disorder
Chapter Twelve A Three-pronged Attack
Chapter Thirteen A Fin Farewell
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