Human and Social Biology

Human and Social Biology

By Anne Tindale
US$ 24.95
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Book Description

Collins CSEC® Human and Social Biology provides a new approach to the study
of the CSEC® HSB syllabus that focuses on the skills needed to pass and to get a top
grade. It provides full coverage of the CXC® syllabus.
• Written in clear, accessible language with worked examples and annotated
diagrams and illustrations to help explain difficult concepts
• Practice and exam-style questions focus on the key skills needed for the exam:
Recalling facts questions allow students to demonstrate what they have learned
Applying facts questions allow students to link what they have learned to
real-life examples and contexts
Analysing data questions – essential for the SBA and for a top grade – allow
students to demonstrate that they can think critically about data, analyse the
information it gives, and reach sensible and logical conclusions based on that data
• Clear guidance for the new School Based Assessment
• Advice on how SARS-CoV-2 (COVID) links to learning objectives in the syllabus
and could provide material for the SBA

Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Title Page
  • Copyright Page
  • Contents
  • Getting the best from the book
  • Examination and SBA tips
  • Section A – Living organisms and theenvironment
    • 1 Living organisms and cells
    • 2 Photosynthesis, food chains and cycles
  • Section B – Life processes
    • 3 Nutrition
    • 4 The respiratory system
    • 5 The circulatory system
    • 6 The skeletal system
    • 7 Excretion and homeostasis
    • 8 Coordination and control
    • 9 The reproductive system
  • Section C – Heredity and variation
    • 10 Cell division and inheritance
    • 11 Variation and genetic engineering
  • Section D – Diseases and their impact onhumans
    • 12 Health and disease
    • 13 Hygiene, defence against disease and drugs
  • Section E – The impact of health practices on the environment
    • 14 Pollution, water and water treatment
    • 15 Treatment and disposal of human waste
  • The School-Based Assessment or SBA
  • COVID-19: A global pandemic
  • Index
  • Acknowledgements
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