Peter DeFreitas
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Collins CSEC® Physics provides a new approach to the study of the CSEC® Physics
syllabus that focuses on the skills needed to pass and to get a top grade. It provides
full coverage of the CXC® syllabus.
• Written in clear, accessible language, with worked examples and annotated
diagrams and illustrations to help explain difficult concepts
• Practice and exam-style questions focus on the key skills needed for the exam:
Recalling facts questions allow students to demonstrate what they have learned
Applying facts questions allow students to link what they have learned to
real-life examples and contexts
Analysing data questions – invaluable for the SBA lab work in physics and
essential for a top grade – allow students to demonstrate that they can think
critically about data, analyse the information it gives, and reach sensible and
logical conclusions based on that data

Title Page
Copyright Page
Getting the best from the book
Examination tips
School-Based Assessment (SBA)
Starter unit
1 Scientific measurement and manipulation of data
Section A – Mechanics
2 Statics
3 Kinematics
4 Dynamics
5 Work, energy and power
6 Pressure and Archimedes’ principle
Section B – Thermal physics and kinetictheory
7 Nature of heat
8 Phases of matter and the kinetic theory
9 Thermal expansion
10 Temperature and thermometers
11 The gas laws
12 Heat and temperature change
13 Heat and phase change
14 Thermal energy transfer
Section C – Waves and optics
15 Light rays and rectilinear propagation
16 Reflection and refraction
17 Critical angle and total internal reflection
18 Lenses
19 Wave motion
20 Light waves
21 Sound waves
22 Electromagnetic waves
Section D – Electricity and magnetism
23 Static electricity
24 Current electricity
25 Electrical quantities
26 Circuits and components
27 Electricity in the home
28 Electronics
29 Magnetism
30 Electromagnetism
31 Electromagnetic induction
Section E – The physics of the atom
32 The atom
33 Radioactivity
34 Nuclear fission and nuclear fusion
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