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Concise Revision Course: CSEC® Physics
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The CSEC® Physics Concise Revision Course provides full coverage of the CSEC® Physics syllabus. This book provides comprehensive and authoritative guidance for the course. It adopts a practical, supportive approach to help students with their learning. Revision exam and assessment guidance questions throughout consolidate this learning.

• Comprehensive coverage of the CSEC® Physics course, presented in an engaging, full- color format

• Revision questions at the end of each topic help to secure knowledge and understanding

• Exam-style questions at the end of each section provide effective practice for the actual exam

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Failure is not an option
1 Scientifi c method
Galileo’s contribution to scientific methodology
Experimental data and its analysis
Drawing graphs
Finding the gradient (slope) of a straight-line graph
Significant figures in measurements and calculations
Random errors
Systematic errors
Reading measuring instruments
Suitability of instruments
Quantities and units
Revision questions
2 Scalars and vectors
Finding the resultant of two vectors
Resolving vectors into two perpendicular components
Revision questions
3 Forces, mass and weight
Mass and weight
Revision questions
4 Moments
Calculations on the equilibrium of bodies
Determining the centre of gravity of an object
Stable, unstable and neutral equilibrium
Common devices utilising the principle of moments
Revision questions
5 Deformation
Verifying Hooke’s law
Analysing force–extension graphs
Revision questions
6 Kinematics
Displacement–time and velocity–time graphs
Distance–time and speed–time graphs
Revision questions
7 Newton’s laws and momentum
Aristotle’s theory
Newton’s laws of motion
Applications of Newton’s laws
Revision questions
8 Energy
Some types of energy
The principle of conservation of energy
Energy sources
Revision questions
9 Pressure and buoyancy
Pressure in fluids
Archimedes’ principle
Revision questions
Exam-style questions – Chapters 1 to 9
10 Nature of heat
Caloric theory
Kinetic theory
Joule’s role in establishing the principle of conservation of energy
Revision questions
11 Temperature and thermometers
Units of temperature
Designing a thermometer
Laboratory mercury thermometer
Clinical mercury thermometer
Revision questions
12 States of matter
Revision questions
13 Expansion
Expansion in terms of the kinetic theory of matter
Demonstrating expansion
Utilising expansion
Avoiding problems due to expansion
The bimetallic strip
Revision questions
14 The ideal gas laws
Temperature scales
The ideal gas laws
Verifying the gas laws
Gases and the kinetic theory
Revision questions
15 Heat and temperature change
Determining specific heat capacity
Revision questions
16 Heat and state change
Demonstrating a change of state
Latent heat
Determining specific latent heat
Revision questions
17 Evaporation and boiling
Cooling due to evaporation
Factors affecting the rate of evaporation
Demonstrating cooling due to evaporation
Air conditioner
Other phenomena involving latent heat
Revision questions
18 Thermal energy transfer
Processes of thermal energy transfer
Applications of thermal energy transfer processes
Revision questions
Exam-style questions – Chapters 10 to 18
19 Wave motion
Types of waves
Wave parameters
General wave equations
Graphs of waves
Revision questions
20 Sound waves
Production and propagation
Pitch and loudness (volume)
Classification of frequencies of sound
Uses of ultrasound
Estimating the speed of sound in air using echoes
Other uses of echoes
Behaviour of sound waves
Revision questions
21 Electromagnetic waves
General properties of electromagnetic waves
Wavelengths and frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum
Uses of electromagnetic waves
Revision questions
22 Light waves
Rival theories of light
Diffraction and interference
Revision questions
23 Light rays and rectilinear propagation
Eclipse of the Moon
Eclipse of the Sun
The pinhole camera
Revision questions
24 Refl ection and refraction
Critical angle and total internal reflection
Revision questions
25 Lenses
Determining the focal length of a converging lens
Real and virtual images
Constructing scale diagrams
The lens formula
Revision questions
Exam-style questions – Chapters 19 to 25
26 Static electricity
Introduction to electric charges
Hazards of static charge
Useful applications of static charge
Electric fields
Revision questions
27 Current electricity
Conductors and insulators
Conventional current and electron flow
Alternating and direct current
Revision questions
28 Electrical quantities
Electromotive force and potential difference in a circuit
Electrical power
Importance of conserving electrical energy
Revision questions
29 Circuits and components
Some important electrical components
Series and parallel circuits
Ideal ammeters and voltmeters
Ohm’s law and I–V characteristic curves
Current and voltage in complete circuits
Energy and power in complete circuits
Electricity in the home
Revision questions
30 Electronics
Logic gates
Impact of electronic and technological advances in society
Revision questions
31 Magnetism
Forces between magnetic poles
Magnetic induction
Testing for polarity
Permanent and temporary magnets
Magnetic fields
Revision questions
32 Electromagnetism
Magnetic fields and electric currents
Force on a current-carrying conductor in a magnetic field
Deflection of charged particles entering a magnetic field
Simple dc motor
Electromagnetic induction
Transferring electrical energy between coils
Simple ac generator
Long-distance ac distribution
Revision questions
Exam-style questions – Chapters 26 to 32
33 The atom
Models of the atom
Structure of the atom
Revision questions
34 Radioactivity
Radioactive emissions
Equations of radioactive decay
The nature of the radioactive decay process
Calculations involving half-life
Uses of radioisotopes
Nuclear fission and fusion
Hazards of ionising radiations
Revision questions
Exam-style questions – Chapters 33 to 34
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