The Rocking Dead: Dead Max Comix Book 2

The Rocking Dead: Dead Max Comix Book 2

By Dana Sullivan
US$ 7.50
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Book Description

"Derrick and Doug should have asked for advice before they started a band without inviting Kim and Keisha to join. To get even, Kim challenges the guys to come up with awesome costumes for Comic-Con AND enter the upcoming Battle of the Bands. There's only one problem: Derrick and Doug's band stinks and they know the girls' new band is going to smoke them. Meanwhile, the kids go to the animal shelter ... and end up falling in ... love. How can they find homes for all the critters? Will the Battle of the Bands mean the end of Derrick and Kim?"--

Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Title Page
  • Dedication
  • Copyright Page
  • Cauldron of Contents
  • Chapter 1: My Dog Nuked It!
  • Chapter 2: Band of Bummers
  • Chapter 3: Dressed To Thrill
  • Chapter 4: Canine Chameleon
  • Chapter 5: Fetch What?
  • Chapter 6: Dear Dead Max
  • Chapter 7: To The Rescue!
  • Chapter 8: Gettin In The Spirit!
  • Chapter 9: All Pets Are Off!
  • Pet-a-Palooza
  • Back Cover
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