Adkinath Empire
J. Shrout
Science Fiction & Fantasy
Adkinath Empire
US$ 8.99
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Seven years have passed since Czane's defeat, and Derana has become empress of the northern territory and more. But the empire is plagued by Zealots who wish above all to assassinate the young leader for her use of the Expanse. When Derana's visions begin to fail her, the Zealots seize the opportunity to press their advantage. Raethon's visits to the future ensure her that the empire will continue, but by what means and for good or ill, no one can tell.

Jarzyn Kadja:
Part One
Chapter 1: Preparation
Chapter 2: Celebration
Chapter 3: The Regent
Chapter 4: Varia’s Worth
Chapter 5: Children
Chapter 6: Emissaries to Chasmeren
Chapter 7: Discoveries
Chapter 8: The Valis cor Imren
Chapter 9: A Letter
Chapter 10: Varia’s Hope
Chapter 11: Attack
Chapter 12: The Zealots
Chapter 13: A Forgotten Youth
Chapter 14: Prophecy
Chapter 15: The Tinolan Pilgrimage
Chapter 16: The Clerian Academy
Chapter 17: Northward
Chapter 18: Swordplay and Shadows
Chapter 19: The Tower of Magi
Chapter 20: Ishael’s Men
Part Two
Chapter 21: Escape from Ileon
Chapter 22: The Fate of the Empire
Chapter 23: Failures
Chapter 24: A Brother Born for Adversity
Chapter 25: Unexpected News
Chapter 26: A Deadline
Chapter 27: Raethon in the Tower
Chapter 28: The Book
Chapter 29: Many Secrets
Chapter 30: Raekos
Chapter 31: The Touch of Death
Chapter 32: The Sword of Chasmeren
Chapter 33: Riders from the North
Chapter 34: Eye Witness
Chapter 35: Investigation
Chapter 36: Ashmond’s Regiment
Chapter 37: The Void
Chapter 38: The End of Negotiation
Chapter 39: Banishment
Chapter 40: Revelations
Chapter 41: Prophetess Foretold and Foretelling
Chapter 42: Memorial
Chapter 43: Raethon’s Gift
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