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Integrated Science for CSEC®
Derek McMonagle, Pauline Anning
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Integrated Science for CSEC®
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Written specifically for use in Caribbean schools, this course is tailored to the requirements of Integrated Science students and the latest CSEC syllabus by providing course contents in a clear, concise and accessible way. It now features newly added digital resources and increased SBA guidance, to help engage students and provide additional support as they study for their examination.

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Title Page
Contents School based assessment
Section A 1
1.1 States of matter
1.2 The structure of cells
1.3 The functions and importance of cell structures
1.4 Microbes
1.5 Diffusion, osmosis and active transport
Exam-style questions
Section A 2
Reproduction and growth
2.1 Asexual and sexual reproduction
2.2 Methods of asexual reproduction in plants and animals
2.3 Sexual reproduction in plants and animals
2.4 The menstrual cycle
2.5 Pregnancy and birth
2.6 Birth control
2.7 Pre- and post-natal care
2.8 Sexually transmitted infections
2.9 Growth patterns
2.10 Human population control
Exam-style questions
Section A 3
Food and nutrition
3.1 Photosynthesis
3.2 Crop production
3.3 Food chains and food webs
3.4 The importance of food
3.5 The growth of micro-organisms
3.6 Food preservation
3.7 Human digestion
3.8 The teeth
Exam-style questions
Section A 4
4.1 Transport in plants
4.2 The human circulatory system
4.3 Blood groups
4.4 Causes of cardiovascular disease
4.5 Natural and artificial immunity
4.6 Drug use and mis-use
4.7 The physiological effects of exercise
4.8 The skeleton
4.9 Functions of the skeleton
4.10 Joints
4.11 Skeletal muscle
Exam-style questions
Section A 5
Respiration and airpollution
5.1 The mechanism of breathing
5.2 Gaseous exchange
5.3 The importance of respiration
5.4 Aerobic and anaerobic respiration
5.5 The causes of air pollution
5.6 Problems caused by air pollution
5.7 The effects of smoking on therespiratory system
Exam-style questions
Section A 6
6.1 Excretion and egestion
6.2 Excretion in humans
6.3 Excretion and osmoregulation in flowering plants
Exam-style questions
Section A 7
Sense organs and coordination
7.1 The sense organs
7.2 The mammalian eye
7.3 Lighting
7.4 Transparent, translucent and opaque materials
7.5 Dispersion of light
7.6 Sight defects
7.7 The mammalian ear
7.8 The structures and functions of thenervous system
7.9 The endocrine system
Exam-style questions
Section A 8
Health and sanitation
8.1 Good personal and community hygiene
8.2 Household pests and parasites
8.3 Methods of controlling the mosquito and the housefly
8.4 Food contamination
8.5 Controlling pests
8.6 Waste
8.7 Waste disposal
Exam-style questions
Section B 9
Temperature controland ventilation
9.1 Methods of heat transfer
9.2 Thermostats
9.3 Thermometers
9.4 Evaporation
9.5 Ventilation
Exam-style questions
Section B 10
Conservation of energy
10.1 Concept of energy
10.2 Conversion and conservation of energy
10.3 Transport and transfer of energy
10.4 Conservation of momentum
Exam-style questions
Section B 11
Electricity and lighting
11.1 Electrical conductors
11.2 Current, voltage and resistance
11.3 Plugs and fuses
11.4 Calculating the size of a fuse
11.5 Using electrical energy
11.6 Electricity bills
11.7 Conserving electrical energy
11.8 Filament lamps, fluorescent tubes and LED bulbs
11.9 First aid
11.10 Fires and fire extinguishers
11.11 Radiation and voltage hazards
11.12 Protective clothing
Exam-style questions
Section B 12
Machines and movement
12.1 Levers
12.2 Simple machines
12.3 Energy conversion in machines
12.4 The inefficiencies of machines
Exam-style questions
Section B 13
Metals and non-metals
13.1 Uses and properties of metals and non-metals
13.2 Plastics
13.3 Chemical reactions of metals
13.4 The use of aluminium in cooking and canning utensils
13.5 Alloys
13.6 Rusting
13.7 Factors that affect the rate of rusting
Exam-style questions
Section B 14
Acids, bases and mixtures
14.1 Household chemicals
14.2 Acids, bases and salts
14.3 Solutions, suspensions and colloids
14.4 Methods of separation
14.5 The use of household chemicals
14.6 Scouring powders and detergents
14.7 Hard and soft water
14.8 Soapy and soapless detergents
Exam-style questions
Section C 15
The Universe and our Solar System
15.1 The Earth in the Universe
15.2 Satellites
15.3 The Solar System
15.4 Effect of other bodies on the Earth
15.5 Exploring the Universe
Exam-style questions
Section C 16
The terrestrial environment
16.1 Formation of soil
16.2 Types and functions of soils
16.3 Soil fertility
16.4 Soil erosion
16.5 Natural cycles
16.6 Air movements
16.7 Weather fronts
16.8 Seasons and weather patterns
16.9 Cyclones and hurricanes
16.10 Underwater land slides and tsunamis
16.11 Types of volcanic eruptions
16.12 Tectonic plates
16.13 Tides
Exam-style questions
Section C 17
Water and the aquatic environment
17.1 The uses of water
17.2 Water treatment
17.3 The properties of water
17.4 Flotation
17.5 Water pollution
17.6 Fishing
17.7 Navigational devices used at sea
17.8 Water safety
17.9 Scuba-diving
Exam-style questions
Section C 18
Fossil fuels and alternative sources of energy
18.1 Fossil fuels
18.2 Stored energy in fuels
18.3 Environmental problems of burning fossil fuels
18.4 Alternative sources of energy
18.5 Uses of solar energy and wind energy
18.6 Factors affecting solar energy and wind energy
18.7 Alternative energy in the Caribbean
Exam-style questions
Section C 19
19.1 Forces and motion
19.2 The force of gravity
19.3 Centre of gravity and the conditions for equilibrium under parallel forces
19.4 Equilibrium
Exam-style questions
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