It Might Have Been The Story of the Gunpowder Plot
Emily Sarah Holt
It Might Have Been The Story of the Gunpowder Plot
Emily Sarah Holt
"It might have been"
Chapter One.
The last Night in the Old Home.
Chapter Two.
The Journey to London.
Chapter Three.
How it first began.
Chapter Four.
We get into bad Company.
Chapter Five.
Begins with Temperance, and ends with Treachery.
Chapter Six.
Wait a Month.
Chapter Seven.
An Apple-Cast and a Letter.
Chapter Eight.
The Fifth of November.
Chapter Nine.
On the weary Way to Holbeach.
Chapter Ten.
The Chain of our Sins.
Chapter Eleven.
According to that Beginning.
Chapter Twelve.
The Fruit of his own Way.
Chapter Thirteen.
Which is full of Surprises.
Chapter Fourteen.
Ends with Joyce Morrell.
Chapter Fifteen.
Robert Catesby.
Sir Everard Digby.
Guy Fawkes.
Henry Garnet.
John Grant.
Robert Keyes.
Humphrey and Stephen Littleton.
William Parker, Lord Monteagle.
Thomas Percy.
Ambrose Rookwood.
Francis Tresham.
Robert, Thomas, and John Winter.
John and Christopher Wright.
The End.
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