In Convent Walls The Story of the Despensers
Emily Sarah Holt
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In Convent Walls The Story of the Despensers
Emily Sarah Holt
"In Convent Walls"
Part 1—- Chapter 1.
Wherein Dame Cicely de Chaucombe scribeth soothliness (1360).
Wherein Commence the Annals of Cicely.
Part 1—- Chapter 2.
Wherein Cicely begins to see.
Part 1—- Chapter 3.
How Dame Elizabeth’s Bill was paid.
Part 1—- Chapter 4.
The Glamour of the Queen.
Part 1—- Chapter 5.
The Reign of King Roger.
Part 1—- Chapter 6.
Part 2—- Chapter 1.
Wherein Agnes the Lady of Pembroke telleth tale (1348).
The Children of Ludlow Castle.
Part 2—- Chapter 2.
The Lady of Ludlow.
Part 3—- Chapter 1.
Wherein Sister Alianora La Despenser Maketh Moan (1371).
Part 3—- Chapter 2.
Sister Margaret.
Part 3—- Chapter 3.
Annora finds it out.
Part 3—- Chapter 4.
Mortifying the Will.
Part 3—- Chapter 5.
Historical Appendix.
I. The Royal Family.
II. The Despensers.
III. Hastings of Pembroke.
IV. The Mortimers of Wigmore.
V. Chronological Errata.
VI. The Order of Sempringham.
VII. Fictitious Persons.
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