The Strangest Things in the World: A Book About Extraordinary Manifestations of Nature
Thomas R. Henry
Science & Math
The Strangest Things in the World: A Book About Extraordinary Manifestations of Nature
Transcriber’s Notes
The Invisible Underground Jungle
The Self-Perpetuating Sponge
Living “Stars” in Caves
Parenthood Among Penguins
The Strategy of Warrior Ants
Uganda’s Miniature Dinosaur
The Strange Ways of Spiders
Worms With a Thousand Eyes
Queer Fish, But Definitely
Love Life Among the Spiders
The Lace Weavers
The Ways of Crabs
Ticks With Noses in Their Legs
The Fourth Realm of Life
Rubber-Band Worms that Stretch and Stretch
Frog Versatility
The Horned Viper Spears Other Animals
The World of Insects
Gigantic Serpents of the Sky
The Limbless Lizard
The Maddening Tarantula
A Flower That Grows Through Solid Ice
The Versatile Ant Farmers
Ostracoderms: Ancestors of True Fish
The Ever Faithful Hornbills
Ants With Tailor Skills
Fiend Symphonies of the Jungle
Tyrants of the Polychaete Race
Eating Habits of Spiders
The Suicide Instinct of Iguanas
Forests That Eat Meat
Cave-Dwelling Birds
Where Snails Become Flowers
Termites That Eat Lead
The Plant That Eats Animals
The Ocean’s Sound Barrier
Snakes That Act and Look Like Worms
A Porcupine of the Sea
Worms That Are Unkillable
The Remarkable Brachiopods
Feathers on Birds Adapt to the Seasons
Why the Dodo Became Extinct
The Shark of the Soil
The Sleeping Habits of Mammals
The Eerie Eyes of Animals at Night
World of the Blind
The Remarkable Clam Worms
Winged Reptile
Vicious Fire Ants
The Architectural Genius of Birds
The Ferocious Leech Worms
The Complex Spider’s Web
Monsters of the Deep: The Great Squids
The Vanishing Whippoorwill
Ants Can Smell Almost Anything
Fish That Fish For Fish
Worms That Are Flowers
The Heavy Toll of Bird Migrations
Deadly Snakes That Take Life Easy
Weird Plant-Animals
Weird Ways of Birds
The Fantastic Sea Horse
The Great Seal Migrations
Monsters With Buzz Saws
Two-Headed Snakes Aren’t Rare
Fantastic Sea Creatures
The Varieties of Raven Language
Worms With Hypodermic Needles
The Fatal Black Widow Spider
Plants That are Animated
The Tomato—Cinderella of Vegetables
The Holiest Place on Earth
The Vanishing Golden Carpet
Evolution of the Bird
Speed Ace of the Air
The Remarkable Instincts of the Silk Worm
The Strange World of the Sea
The Cannibal Birds of the Pacific
Eagles as Indian Pets
The Giant Insects of the Carolines
The Valley Where Dusk is Death
Enigma of Evolution: the Snake
The Fastest Growth on Earth
Birds That Duel
Brakes on Plant Life
Snails Are the Flowers of the Sea
The Brutal South Pole Birds
Silk-Bearded Clams
Pearls Grow in Brooks
Grasshopper-Infested Glaciers
Monster Clams of Polynesia
Corals Combine Plants and Animal Life
The First Engineers—Termites
Oyster Oddities
The World’s Biggest Sneeze
The Luminescent Ctenophores
The Forest That Time Forgot
The Versatility of the Elephant’s Trunk
Fiendish Vampires of the Night
Remarkable Orchids
Nature’s Insecticide: The Millipede
Bats Have Built-in Radar
Crabs That Climb Trees
The Ferocious Centipede
The Plant That Makes Men Dumb
The Scourge of the Earth: Locusts
Trees Can Grow Smaller
Underworld Cities
Plants That Create Mirages
The Octopus Worm: Evolution’s Mystery
The Monster Bear of Kamchatka
Strange Denizens of the Deep
Communism Among the Bees
Candles on Bushes
The Desert Rat Manufactures Water
The Caste System of the Termite
The Shark That Stands Upright
The Dead Man’s Vine
The Insect With Fourteen Lives
Shyness Characteristic of Giant Rats
Nocturnal Potto
Where Trees are Square
The Lamp That is a Beetle
Rainstorms of Worms
The Icy Arctic Wonderland
Fish That Live on Land
The Special Language of Bees
Poisonous Platters of the Sea
Our Un-American Food
Worms That Commit Mass Suicide
Fish That Survive Freezing
Plants That Kill
Caterpillars That Pretend to be Snakes
All Plants Are Luminous
Worms That Live in the Snow
The Strange Ways of Snails
Vision-Producing Plants
The Abominable Snow Man
Fish That Sing in the Moonlight
Brazil’s Vicious Glow Worm
Grasshoppers Like Chameleons
Beetles That Helped an Army
Worms in Medical History
Toads That Make Poison Gas
Plants That Thrive on Ice-Bloom
Poison Arrow Frogs
The Seal That Can “Lose” Its Head
The Delectable Horned Viper
Flying Snakes, Frogs and Toads
Eagles Build Log Cabin Nests
The Predatory Mantid
Fireflies as Electricians
The Mollusk Vampire of Hell
Climbing and Flying Frogs
Mad Dog Cycles
The Amazing Survival of the Opossum
Mammal Prototypes of the “Mermaid”
Limbless Lizards and Glass Snakes
The Only Bug in the Sea
A Crocodile With Life After Death
The Salamander That Lives Like a Worm
Three-eyed Lizards of New Zealand
Prodigious Fertility of Insects
The Lizard That Runs Out of Its Own Skin
High Living in the Himalayas
Barking Spider Monkeys
The Insect That is Born Pregnant
Bull-dog Animals
Foresight of Kangaroo Rats
The Primitive Proturans
Air-Conditioned Homes of Beavers
The Demon of Puerto Rico
Man-Made Plants
The Great Seal Migration
The Magic Bark of the Cinchona Tree
Colombia’s Ant Tree
The Strange Behavior of Plants
Venezuela’s Nocturnal Orchid
The Plant That Strikes Men Dumb
Combat of Moth and Shrew
The Ferocious Snake Weasel
The Rabbit That Swims
Gorilla Warriors of the Belgian Congo
The Biggest “Rat” in the World
The Suicide Marches of Lemmings
The Ferocity of the Tiger
The Fearsome Porcupine
The Plant That Stimulates Visions
The Puzzling Platypus
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