When a Man Prays - The Lion And The Lamb Must ARISE

When a Man Prays - The Lion And The Lamb Must ARISE

By Devon & Maria Harbajan
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Book Description

This book is to help men to understand themselves, to gain insight into how the difference in gender, how they see prayer, how they experience prayer, personally and corporately, may be affecting their fervency, frequency and potency in praying. Then having understood these things, not to make an excuse for a lukewarm or absent prayer life, but instead to ARISE and become everything that God intended them to be. Instead to lead from the forefront of the battle. Instead to roar like, and release the ferocity, strength and courage of a lion in the face of the enemy; to pray and act as God bids them to in order to bring reformation in their nation and transformation in their Churches. It is also to help the women who love them and want to encourage them in their understanding as well, so they can be truly one in this critical area of their relationship with God and each other. Men too are crying out. They are feeling weak spiritually; unable to meet the task of leading their families like men of old. They see the frustration in their spouses and sometimes respond with intense negative emotions or plain withdrawal. Deep inside however, they cry for help. It is a silent cry born out of an innate knowledge that there is more to them than what they are experiencing and what their loved ones are seeing, but God has heard and is responding. Now is the time and the season is here. Men are rising up not just to their fatherly role in assisting in the physical nurturing of their children but in washing their wives with the Word. They are teaching their children to love the Lord their God with all of their heart, soul and mind. They are rising up to be the warriors, conquerors and the victors that they are. They are arising to be intercessors and priests in their home, standing between their families and the forces of the world and of darkness that seek to devour them. May ALL of God’s Men ARISE in this hour and take their place in the forefront of the battle being undergirded throughout by prayer.

Table of Contents
  • Dedication
  • Acknowledgements
  • Epigraph
  • Table of Contents
  • Foreword
  • Image
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Isn’t It Astounding to Hear a Man Pray?
  • The Plight of the Male Seed
  • God’s Answer to Their Plight
  • Prayer is NOT a ‘Woman’s Thing’
  • When a Man Prays: The Lion and LAMB Emerge
  • The Lion and The Lamb
  • The Lion and the Lamb Nature in the Godhead
  • When the Wrong Nature Manifests
  • How the Nature of the Lion Must Manifest In Men
  • How the Nature of the Lamb Must Manifest In Men
  • Overcoming The Concerns That Preoccupy Men and Hinder Prayer
  • The Joy-Stealers
  • Help…Help…Help!
  • Is Distraction Hindering Men From Listening to God?.
  • Are Men Convinced That Prayer Works?
  • Dealing with Men’s Turn-Off From Prayer in the Church
  • How To Engage Men’s Participation
  • The Cave vs. The Closet
  • Why The “Closet” Is A Better Place
  • Capitalizing on the Differences in How Men and Women Pray
  • Men Listening to God
  • Is It Easier For Women To Listen To God?
  • Men and Women Pray Differently
  • What If I Am Not Feeling Satisfied in My Prayer Life?
  • The Man That God Desires
  • Bibliography
  • About The Authors
  • Feedback
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