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I WANT MORE - Honouring God's Servant Gives Me More
Thelma Porter
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I WANT MORE - Honouring God's Servant Gives Me More
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Are you up to your neck in debt to the point of something detrimental happening if you don’t settle?

• Have there ever been efforts to wear your credibility and integrity by persons with malicious intent although you are innocent?
• Do you sometimes wish you could travel overseas but the funds are just not forthcoming; and there’s no one to assist?

Well, Thelma has experienced those and more; and has managed to overcome some of the gravest challenges you could imagine. It’s not a case of some good Samaritan stepping in to save the day, (that kind of blessing doesn’t usually flow her way); or a rich Mr. Right came along (not sure she’d want to be named Mrs Right anyway (smile)
Thelma simply applied a principle that has been tested, tried and proven; and which still works to this day.

This book is not sending you to a short course or encouraging you to engage in something that is gruelling or stressful; or something that takes you on a high in one moment and leaves you empty the next. Rather, it exposes you to some real life experiences; and at the same time helps you to recognize that there’s a purpose to your life; that God has a plan for you and all you need to do is to be intentional and get to work.

Go ahead, dive in; and see if He “will not open the windows of heaven for you and pour down for you a blessing until there is no more need.” He will “make a way in the wilderness; and water in the desert.”


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Table of Contents
1. The Beginning
2. The Foundation
3. Honour - The Simplistic Level
4. Honour The Mandatory Level
5. Bishop Courtney McLean
6. Honour - The Call
i. He's the Man
ii. A Word
iii. The Touch
iv. Just Do It
v. Everything I Have
vi. You're Called
7. Honour - The Benefits
8. Honour - The Consequences of the Lack Thereof
i. Conversation between Jehovah and Samuel
ii. The story of David and Saul
iii. Elisha and the Young Boys
iv.The Deception by Noah's Son
v. Jesus and the Dignitaries from Jerusalem
vi. Jesus and the Familair Neighbours
9. Honour From The Pen Of An Authority (Part 1)
i. The Danger of Dishonour
10. Honour From The Pen Of An Authority (Part 2)
11. Honour - My Tangible Ways
i. Tithing
ii. Church Programmes
iii. Financial Gift
iv. Miscellaneous Gift
v. Miscellaneous Activities
vi. Church Functions
vii. Prayers
viii. Obedience
12. Honour - Personal Rewards
i. Debt Reduction
ii. The Anointing
iii. Armour of God
13. Honour - Suggestions
14. The End
Declaration of Honour
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