I WANT MORE - Honouring God's Servant Gives Me More

I WANT MORE - Honouring God's Servant Gives Me More

By Thelma Porter
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Book Description

Are you up to your neck in debt to the point of something detrimental happening if you don’t settle?

• Have there ever been efforts to wear your credibility and integrity by persons with malicious intent although you are innocent?
• Do you sometimes wish you could travel overseas but the funds are just not forthcoming; and there’s no one to assist?

Well, Thelma has experienced those and more; and has managed to overcome some of the gravest challenges you could imagine. It’s not a case of some good Samaritan stepping in to save the day, (that kind of blessing doesn’t usually flow her way); or a rich Mr. Right came along (not sure she’d want to be named Mrs Right anyway (smile)
Thelma simply applied a principle that has been tested, tried and proven; and which still works to this day.

This book is not sending you to a short course or encouraging you to engage in something that is gruelling or stressful; or something that takes you on a high in one moment and leaves you empty the next. Rather, it exposes you to some real life experiences; and at the same time helps you to recognize that there’s a purpose to your life; that God has a plan for you and all you need to do is to be intentional and get to work.

Go ahead, dive in; and see if He “will not open the windows of heaven for you and pour down for you a blessing until there is no more need.” He will “make a way in the wilderness; and water in the desert.”


Table of Contents
  • Copyright
  • Dedication
  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • half title
  • Table of Contents
  • 1. The Beginning
  • 2. The Foundation
  • 3. Honour - The Simplistic Level
  • 4. Honour The Mandatory Level
  • 5. Bishop Courtney McLean
  • 6. Honour - The Call
  • i. He's the Man
  • ii. A Word
  • iii. The Touch
  • iv. Just Do It
  • v. Everything I Have
  • vi. You're Called
  • 7. Honour - The Benefits
  • 8. Honour - The Consequences of the Lack Thereof
  • i. Conversation between Jehovah and Samuel
  • ii. The story of David and Saul
  • iii. Elisha and the Young Boys
  • iv.The Deception by Noah's Son
  • v. Jesus and the Dignitaries from Jerusalem
  • vi. Jesus and the Familair Neighbours
  • 9. Honour From The Pen Of An Authority (Part 1)
  • i. The Danger of Dishonour
  • 10. Honour From The Pen Of An Authority (Part 2)
  • 11. Honour - My Tangible Ways
  • i. Tithing
  • ii. Church Programmes
  • iii. Financial Gift
  • iv. Miscellaneous Gift
  • v. Miscellaneous Activities
  • vi. Church Functions
  • vii. Prayers
  • viii. Obedience
  • 12. Honour - Personal Rewards
  • i. Debt Reduction
  • ii. The Anointing
  • iii. Armour of God
  • 13. Honour - Suggestions
  • 14. The End
  • Declaration of Honour
  • Bible Translations
  • References
  • About The Author
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