The Lost Art of Reading
Gerald Stanley Lee
The Lost Art of Reading
The Lost Art of Reading
Book I Interferences with the Reading Habit
The First Interference: Civilisation
I Dust
II Dust
III Dust to Dust
IV Ashes
V The Literary Rush
VI Parenthesis To the Gentle Reader
VII More Parenthesis—But More to the Point
VIII More Literary Rush
IX The Bugbear of Being Well Informed—A Practical Suggestion
X The Dead Level of Intelligence
XI The Art of Reading as One Likes
The Second Interference: The Disgrace of the Imagination
I On Wondering Why One Was Born
II The Top of the Bureau Principle
The Third Interference: The Unpopularity of the First Person Singular
I The First Person a Necessary Evil
II The Art of Being Anonymous
III Egoism and Society
IV i + I = We
V The Autobiography of Beauty
The Fourth Interference: The Habit of Not Letting One’s Self Go
I The Country Boy in Literature
II The Subconscious Self
III The Organic Principle of Inspiration
The Fifth Interference: The Habit of Analysis
I If Shakespeare Came to Chicago
II Analysis Analysed
The Sixth Interference: Literary Drill in College
I Seeds and Blossoms
II Private Road: Dangerous
III The Organs of Literature
IV Entrance Examinations in Joy
V Natural Selection in Theory
VI Natural Selection in Practice
VII The Emancipation of the Teacher
VIII The Test of Culture
IX Summary
X A Note
The Seventh Interference: Libraries. Wanted: An Old-Fashioned Librarian
I viz.
II cf.
III et al.
IV etc.
Book II Possibilities
I The Issue
II The First Selection
III Conveniences
IV The Charter of Possibility
V The Great Game
VI Outward Bound
Book III Details. The Confessions of an Unscientific Mind
I On Being Intelligent in a Library
II How It Feels
III How a Specialist can Be an Educated Man
IV On Reading Books through Their Backs
V On Keeping Each Other in Countenance
VI The Romance of Science
VII Monads
VIII Multiplication Tables
II—On Reading for Principles
I On Changing One’s Conscience
II On the Intolerance of Experienced People
III On Having One’s Experience Done Out
IV On Reading a Newspaper in Ten Minutes
V General Information
VI But——
III—Reading Down Through
I Inside
II On Being Lonely with a Book
III Keeping Other Minds Off
IV Reading Backwards
IV—Reading for Facts
I Calling the Meeting to Order
II Symbolic Facts
III Duplicates: A Principle of Economy
V—Reading for Results
I The Blank Paper Frame of Mind
II The Usefully Unfinished
III Athletics
VI—Reading for Feelings
I The Passion of Truth
II Topical Point of View
VII—Reading the World Together
I Focusing
II The Human Unit
III The Higher Cannibalism
IV Spiritual Thrift
V The City, the Church, and the College
VI The Outsiders
VII Reading the World Together
Book IV What to Do Next
I See Next Chapter
II Diagnosis
III Eclipse
IV Apocalypse
V Every Man his Own Genius
VI An Inclined Plane
VII Allons
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