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GCSE 9-1 Geography AQA: Exam Practice: Grades 4-6 eBook Second Edition
Simon Ross, Bob Digby, Nicholas Rowles
GCSE 9-1 Geography AQA: Exam Practice: Grades 4-6 eBook Second Edition
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This updated online version of the second edition workbook provides write-in practice specially designed to support students aiming for Grades 4-6 at GCSE. It has been carefully written to build students' familiarity and confidence with the content and skills required for exam success.

A step-by-step On your marks approach hones students' ability to answer different types of exam questions effectively and provides scaffolded support for tricky threshold topics and concepts from the AQA specification.

The book includes annotated sample answers and a full set of exam papers to practise exam technique and is suitable for both independent study and in-class exam preparation.

Written with reference to examiner reports and latest AQA guidance, you can be confident that this book reflects a real understanding of what is required for success at GCSE level. Includes answer guidance to all activities; mark schemes for exam papers are provided online.

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Grades 7-9 eBook also available: 9781382029087

Top tips for exam success
Getting to grips with…
Social, economic and environmental factors
Geographical scale
Sustainability and sustainable development
Links, connections and interrelationships
Upgrade your topic knowledge
1 The challenge of natural hazards
2 The living world
3 Physical landscapes in the UK
4 Urban issues and challenges
5 The changing economic world
6 The challenge of resource management
On your marks
Mopping up the 1-mark questions (Multiple choice, skills questions, knowledge questions)
Maxing out the 2-mark questions (Skills questions, knowledge questions, ‘Describe’, ‘Explain’)
Tackling the 3-mark questions (Chains of reasoning)
Managing the statistics questions (Tackling and manipulating statistics)
Excelling at 4-mark questions (‘Suggest’, ‘Explain’)
Stepping up to 6-mark questions (‘Explain’, ‘Suggest’, ‘Discuss’)
Hitting the heights on 9-mark questions (‘Evaluate’, ‘Do you agree?’)
Focus on Paper 3: Geographical applications
Section A: Issue evaluation
Section B: Fieldwork
Issue evaluation resources booklet
Specification checklist
Skills and case studies checklists
Exam practice papers
Paper 1 Living with the physical environment
Paper 2 Challenges in the human environment
Paper 3 Geographical applications
Resources booklet
Answer guidance
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