The University of the West Indies Press
CC Vol 1 Iss 1 & 2 | Walking in Our Shoes
Opal Palmer Adisa
CC Vol 1 Iss 1 & 2 | Walking in Our Shoes
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This is the Editor in Chief's Note for Caribbean Conjectures Volume 1, Issues 1 and 2.

PRIDE AND HUMILITY MIGHT NOT OCCUPY THE SAME space, yet presenting this, the inaugural issue of Caribbean Conjunctures, the journal of the Caribbean Studies Association (CSA), twins these emotions in me, and they happily stand side-by-side. Caribbean Conjunctures introduces and assembles in one space the diverse breadth of scholarship by Caribbean intellectuals who have been meeting to share and exchange knowledge, learn from each other, and affirm their work for the betterment of their respective countries. It is therefore fitting that, at this juncture in history when the COVID 19 pandemic challenged every aspect of the delicate economic Caribbean society, the journal should be born a testament to our resilience, resourcefulness, and creativity.

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