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Algebraic Thinking
Equations That Describe Patterns
Extend Numerical Patterns
Visual Patterns
Single Variable Expressions
Expressions with One or More Variables
Expressions for Real-Life Situations
Whole Number Exponents
Algebra Expressions with Exponents
Expression Evaluation with Basic Operations
Expression Evaluation with Powers and Grouping Symbols
Mental Math for Addition and Subtraction Equations
Mental Math for Multiplication or Division Equations
Appropriate Tools for Measurement of Squares and Rectangles
Area and Perimeter of Rectangles
Unknown Dimensions Using Formulas
Problem-Solving Models
Comparison of Problem-Solving Models
Using Decimals
Decimal Comparisons without Rounding
Decimal Rounding Given Place Value
Decimal Comparisons with Rounding
Decimal Addition
Decimal Addition Using Front-End Estimation
Associative and Commutative Properties of Addition with Decimals
Decimal Subtraction
Decimal Subtraction Using Front-End Estimation
Inverse Property of Addition in Decimal Equations
Decimal Multiplication
Estimation to Check Decimal Multiplication
Associative and Commutative Properties of Multiplication with Decimals
Decimal Division
Estimation to Check Decimal Division
Division to Solve Decimal Equations
Scientific Notation
Comparison of Numbers in Scientific Notation
Operations with Numbers in Scientific Notation
Metric System
Appropriate Tools for Metric Measurement
Conversions of Length, Mass, Capacity in Metric Units
Comparison of Metric Measurements
Estimation of Conversion to Metric Units
Using Fractions
Introduction to Fractions
Mixed Number and Fraction Estimation
Fraction and Mixed Number Comparison
Addition of Fractions
Estimation of Sums of Mixed Numbers and Fractions
Associative and Commutative Properties of Addition with Fractions
Subtraction of Fractions
Estimation with Mixed Number or Fraction Subtraction
Inverse Property of Addition in Fraction Equations
Products of Mixed Numbers
Product Estimation with Mixed Numbers or Fractions
Associative and Commutative Properties with Products of Fractions
Division of Fractions
Quotient Estimation with Mixed Numbers or Fractions
Fractions as Decimals
Repeating Decimals
Decimals as Fractions
Fraction and Decimal Comparison
United States Customary System
Appropriate Tools for Customary Measurement
Conversion of Customary Units of Measurement
Conversion Estimation Between Systems of Measure
Using Integers
Integers that Represent Different Situations
Absolute Value of Integers
Comparison of Integers with Absolute Value
Sums of Integers on a Number Line
Sums of Integers Using Absolute Value
Simplify Variable Expressions Involving Integer Addition
Differences of Integers Using a Number Line
Differences of Integers Using Absolute Value
Simplify Variable Expressions Involving Integer Subtraction
Integer Multiplication
Simplify Variable Expressions Involving Integer Multiplication
Integer Division
Simplify Variable Expressions Involving Integer Division
Properties of Rational Numbers
Comparison of Rational Numbers
Expressions and the Distributive Property
Points in the Coordinate Plane
Scatter Plots
Using Ratios, Rates and Proportions
Equivalent Ratios
Ratios in Simplest Form
Comparison of Ratios in Decimal Form
Identification and Writing of Equivalent Rates
Unit Rates
Comparison of Unit Rates
Slope of a Line Using Two Points
Proportions Using Cross Products
Scale Distances or Dimensions
Unit Scale to Find Actual Dimensions
Scale Factor to Find Actual Dimensions
Problem Solving Plan, Proportions
Conversion Using Unit Analysis
Using Percents
Percents as Fractions
Fractions as Percents
Percent of a Number
Proportions to Find Percent, p
Proportions to Find Part "a"
Proportions to Find Base "b"
Percents as Decimals
Decimals as Percents
Small and Large Percents as Decimals
Percent Equation to Find Part "a"
Percent Equation to Find Percent
Percent Equation to Find the Base "b"
Percent of Increase
Percent of Decrease
Percent of Change
Prices Involving Discounts
Estimating Tips
Total Bill Including Tip and Tax
Simple Interest Equation to Find Interest Rate
Simple Interest
Interpretation of Circle Graphs
Circle Graphs to Display Data
Equations, Inequalities and Functions
Addition and Subtraction Phrases as Equations
Multiplication and Division Phrases as Equations
Single Variable Equations from Verbal Models
Simplify Sums or Differences of Single Variable Expressions
Simplify Products or Quotients of Single Variable Expressions
Simplify Variable Expressions Involving Multiple Operations
Single Variable Addition Equations
Single Variable Subtraction Equations
Single Variable Multiplication Equations
Single Variable Division Equation
Two-Step Equations from Verbal Models
Two-Step Equations and Properties of Equality
Inequalities on a Number Line
Two-Step Inequalities
Domain and Range of a Function
Input-Output Tables for Function Rules
Graphs of Linear Equations
Linear and Nonlinear Function Distinction
Linear and Nonlinear Patterns of Change
Angle Classification
Angle Pairs
Supplementary and Complementary Angle Pairs
Adjacent and Vertical Angles
Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
Corresponding Angles
Triangle Sum Theorem
Triangle Classification
Quadrilateral Classification
Polygon Classification
Regular and Irregular Polygons
Congruent Figures
Scale Factor of Similar Polygons
Unknown Measures of Similar Figures
Rigid Transformations
Lines of Symmetry
Transformation Classification
Translations, Rotations, and Reflections
Distance and Area
Evaluation of Square Roots
Evaluation of Perfect Square Roots
Simplification of Radical Expressions
Equations with Square Roots
Estimation of Square Roots
Properties of Rational Numbers versus Irrational Numbers
Pythagorean Theorem and its Converse
Solving Equations Using the Pythagorean Theorem
Area of a Parallelogram
Unknown Dimensions of a Parallelogram
Estimation of Parallelogram Area in Scale Drawings
Triangle Area
Unknown Dimensions of Triangles
Area of Composite Shapes Involving Triangles
Circle Circumference
Diameter or Radius of a Circle Given Circumference
Area of a Circle
Radius or Diameter of a Circle Given Area
Areas of Combined Figures Involving Circles
Surface Area and Volume
Classification of Solid Figures
Faces, Edges, and Vertices of Solids
Nets of Solid Figures
Surface Area of Rectangular Prisms
Surface Area of Triangular Prisms
Surface Area of Cylinders
Heights of Cylinders Given Surface Area
Surface Area of Pyramids
Surface Area of Cones
Volume of Rectangular Prisms
Volume of Triangular Prisms
Volume of Cylinders
Heights of Cylinders Given Volume
Volume of Pyramids
Volume of Cones
Data and Statistics
Range of Spread
Bar Graphs
Multiple Bar Graphs
Line Graphs
Multiple Line Graphs
Stem-and-Leaf Plots
Box-and-Whisker Plots
Frequency Tables to Organize and Display Data
Identification of Misleading Statistics
Data Display Choices
Displaying by Type of Data
Definition of Probability
Measurement of Probability
Experimental Probability
Mutually Exclusive Events
Mutually Inclusive Events
Complement Rule for Probability
Counting Events
Sample Spaces and Events
Additive and Multiplicative Rules for Probability
Basic Counting Rules
Counting Rule to Calculate Probabilities
Permutation Problems
Combination Problems
Independent Events
Probability of Independent Events
Dependent Events
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