Zeppelin: The Story of a Great Achievement

Zeppelin: The Story of a Great Achievement

By Harry Vissering
Book Description
Table of Contents
  • Zeppelin
  • The Story of a Great Achievement
    • Zeppelin and His Airships
    • An Officer in the American Union Army
    • Zeppelin’s First Rigid Design
    • Financing the First Zeppelin Company
    • The First Zeppelin Flight
    • The First Company Dissolved Through Lack of Funds
    • Assisted by the King of Wurttemberg
    • Handicapped by Motor Trouble
    • Successful Trials with the Third Zeppelin
    • The Government Becomes Interested
    • Zeppelins for Commerce and War
    • The Zeppelin Endowment
    • The Beginning of the Zeppelin Organization
    • Early Development and Flights
    • Hailed as National Hero
    • The New Construction Plant
    • Military Value Proved by Commercial Operation
    • Activities Early in the War
    • Operations with the Fleet
    • The Growth of the Zeppelins
    • North Sea Patrol Flights
    • Zeppelins Become Lighter and Stronger
    • The Zeppelin Observation Car
    • Anti-Aircraft Defenses Compel Zeppelins to Fly Higher
    • Faster Zeppelins for Scouting
    • Zeppelin Vision of World Transport
    • His Will Carried Out After His Death
    • The Record Flight of L-59
    • 4225 Miles in Less than Four Days
    • Larger Zeppelins More Powerful
    • The Most Remarkable Scientific Development in the History of Aeronautics
    • Seventy Percent Speed Increase
    • Refinement in Design
    • Eighty-Eight Zeppelins During the War
    • One Hundred and Fifteen Zeppelins Built and Operated
    • Scientific Comparison
    • Efficiency Characteristics of Some of the Latest and Best Airships of All Nations
    • The Zeppelin Organization at the Time of Its Greatest Activity 1918-1919
    • Many Subsidiary Companies
    • The Construction Plants
    • The Airship Factories
    • The Hydrogen Plant
    • Powerful Radio Station
    • The Great Zeppelin Hangars
    • The Potsdam Plant
    • The Colossal Staaken Plant
    • The Duralumin Works
    • The Woodworking Factory
    • The Maybach Motor Works
    • Performance of Engines—1892-1918
    • The Employment and Training System
    • The Zeppelin-Maybach Gearless Car
    • New Methods of Gas Bag Fabrication
    • The Maag-Zeppelin Gear Works
    • The Hangar Construction Company
    • Zeppelin Production of Airplanes
    • The Zeppelin-Dornier Metal Monoplanes
    • Twenty-one Dornier Designs
    • Zeppelin Builds Giant Airplanes
    • The Airplane Works at Staaken
    • Social Welfare Institutions of the Zeppelin Organizations
    • Operations of Commercial Zeppelins
    • The First Air Transport Company
    • Part of the Aviation Reserve
    • Created the First Airship Harbor
    • Like Land and Water Services
    • The “Schwaben” Filled all Requirements
    • Accommodations for Many Passengers
    • Development of Adequate Hangars
    • Many Long Commercial Flights
    • Developed Airship Navigation
    • Zeppelins Operated Safely
    • Commercial Operations of the Zeppelin
    • Trained Germany’s Airship Forces
    • Commercial Operations Resumed
    • The “Bodensee” an Improved Type
    • Carried Thirty Passengers
    • One Hundred and Three Flights in Ninety-Eight Days
    • The “Nordstern” a Sister Ship
    • The Zeppelin Organization and Facilities Today
    • Research and Development Work Continues
    • Zeppelin Able to Produce All Types
    • Guaranteed Performance Based on Actual Experience
    • Complete Airship Navigation Data Now Available
    • Zeppelin Organization Equipped for New Conditions
    • Two and a Half Days Trans-Atlantic Service Possible
    • New York-Chicago Route Difficult but Practicable
    • Many Engineering Problems Solved
    • Zeppelin Now Aims to Increase Efficiency
    • Commercial Operations Data Compiled
    • The Public will Accept Airship Transportation Here as Abroad
    • Zeppelin Ready to Participate in Development Throughout the World
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