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Oxford Resources for IB DP Biology: Study Guide
Andrew Allott
Oxford Resources for IB DP Biology: Study Guide
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Exam Board: International Baccalaureate (IB)
Level and subject: Diploma Programme (DP) Biology
First teaching: 2023
First exams: 2025

The Oxford Resources for IB DP Biology: Study Guide is an accessible, student-friendly resource fully aligned to and focused on the knowledge contents of the 2023 DP Biology subject guide. It is designed to be used alongside the Course Book to help students focus on crucial concepts and skills to build confidence, reinforce essential theory, and cement understanding of SL and HL ideas in an easy-to-digest bitesize format. Concise explanations, diagrams, and practical notes engage learners and provide a supportive framework for developing subject comprehension and encouraging a good approach to revision. Clear and accessible language throughout supports EAL learners.

1 Molecules
A1.1 Water
A1.2 Nucleic acids
A1 Questions
B1.1 Carbohydrates and lipids
B1.2 Proteins
B1 Questions
C1.1 Enzymes and metabolism
C1.2 Cell respiration
C1.3 Photosynthesis
C1 Questions
D1.1 DNA replication
D1.2 Protein synthesis
D1.3 Mutation and gene editing
D1 Questions
2 Cells
A2.1 Origins of cells
A2.2 Cell structure
A2.3 Viruses
A2 Questions
B2.1 Membranes and membrane transport
B2.2 Organelles and compartmentalization
B2.3 Cell specialization
B2 Questions
C2.1 Chemical signalling
C2.2 Neural signalling
C2 Questions
D2.1 Cell and nuclear division
D2.2 Gene expression
D2.3 Water potential
D2 Questions
3 Organisms
A3.1 Diversity of organisms
A3.2 Classification and cladistics
A3 Questions
B3.1 Gas exchange
B3.2 Transport
B3.3 Muscle and motility
B3 Questions
C3.1 Integration of body systems
C3.2 Defence against disease
C3 Questions
D3.1 Reproduction
D3.2 Inheritance
D3.3 Homeostasis
D3 Questions
4 Ecosystems
A4.1 Evolution and speciation
A4.2 Conservation of biology
A4 Questions
B4.1 Adaptation to environment
B4.2 Ecological niches
B4 Questions
C4.1 Populations and communities
C4.2 Transfers of energy and matter
C4 Questions
D4.1 Natural selection
D4.2 Sustainability and changes
D4.3 Climate change
D4 Questions
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