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Jamaica Primary Mathematics Book 2 NSC Edition
Lisa Greenstein; Lorna Thompson
Jamaica Primary Mathematics Book 2 NSC Edition
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Make maths fun, attainable and relevant with a series specifically designed for Jamaica's National Standard Curriculum by an expert team of authors in consultation with Jamaican educators.
- Enter new topics with exciting chapter openers and Starting point activities to determine prior knowledge and learning readiness.
- Develop analytical skills with features such as Problem solving and Real-life maths activities.
- Provide a solid foundation for learning and PEP preparation at grades 4-6.
- Consolidate learning at the beginning and end of each chapter with objectives and What I have learned activities.

Book Title
Chapter 1: Sets and numbers
Comparing sets
Using signs to compare
Equivalent sets
Number names to 100
Partitioning sets
More partitioning
Renaming tens and ones
Partitioning tens and ones
3-digit numbers
Hundreds, tens and ones
Thinking about bigger numbers
What zero means
Place value practice
Numbers and number names
Comparing numbers
Chapter 5: Numbers to 1000
Expanded form
More hundreds, tens and ones
Greatest and least
Using a number line
Counting by tens
Skip counting
More skip counting
Numbers in order
More ordinals
Chapter 7: Addition and subtraction
Adding tens
Tens and ones
Equal or not equal?
Addition and subtraction facts to 18
Addition table
Adding 2-digit numbers
Subtracting 1-digit numbers
More subtraction
Subtracting in columns
Adding 3-digit numbers
Solving problems
Chapter 10: Solids
Solids around us
Solid shapes
Talking about solids
Drawing cuboids
Drawing cones and cylinders
Making solids
Chapter 12: More addition and subtraction
Parts of a sum
Near doubles
Adding multiples of ten
Adding 2- and 3-digit numbers
Subtracting 2- and 3-digit numbers
Problem solving
Chapter 14: Fractions
Counting numbers and whole numbers
Even and odd numbers
More about even and odd numbers
Equal and unequal parts
Fraction of a shape
Half of a set
A fraction of a set
More fractions of sets
Equivalent fractions
Fractions that show a whole
Chapter 16: Multiplication
Repeat addition
More repeat addition
The × sign
Draw your own arrays
Roll the dice
Word problems
Chapter 19: Division
Repeat subtraction
Divide into groups
Division on a number line
Using arrays again
Using < and > symbols
Completing number sentences
Chapter 23: Working with fractions
Understanding fractions
Fraction families
Adding fractions
Pizza fractions
Subtracting fractions
More adding and subtracting fractions
Chapter 27: More fractions
Whole numbers as fractions
Mixed numbers
More mixed numbers
Improper fractions
More improper fractions and mixed numbers
Chapter 2: Money
Coins and notes
Different ways to make a value
Calculate the value
Chapter 3: Measuring and comparing
Comparing sizes
Near and far
Non-standard units
Standard units
Chapter 4: Shapes and paths
Open and closed paths
Joining paths
Chapter 6: Measuring length
Instruments for measuring length
Estimating length
More measuring in centimetres
A decimetre strip
A metre stick
Selecting the best unit
Chapter 8: Patterns
Patterns in nature
Patterns in design
Making sound patterns
Addition and subtraction patterns
Complete the pattern
More rules and patterns
Chapter 9: Data
Collecting data
Tally charts
Bar graphs
Chapter 11: Solving problems
Writing number sentences
What number is missing?
Bar models
More puzzles
Chapter 13: Time
Time of day
Days, weeks, months and years
Using a calendar
Events in a year
Units of time
Time on clocks
Half past, quarter past and quarter to
Digital times
Five minutes or fifteen minutes?
Longer intervals
Chapter 15: Capacity
The litre
How much does it hold?
Estimate, measure and record capacity
Chapter 17: Mass
Heavier and lighter
Comparing objects
More comparing
The kilogram
Kilogram and grams
Reading scales
More reading scales
Solving mass problems
Chapter 18: Plane shapes
Plane shapes
Rectangles, squares and triangles
Sorting shapes
Chapter 20: Prisms
Triangular prisms
Draw a prism
Nets of prisms
Some other prisms
Chapter 21: Making patterns
Pattern rules
More patterns
Chapter 22: Data
Constructing pictographs with a 1:1 key
Constructing pictographs with a 1:2 key
Interpreting bar graphs
Collect and present your data
Interpreting information
Chapter 24: Measurement
Measuring temperature
Taking temperature
Recording temperature
Plotting temperatures
Chapter 25: Symmetry
Symmetrical shapes
Mirror images
Symmetrical or not?
Checking lines of symmetry
Chapter 26: Simple algebra
The addends and the sum
Work out the missing digits
Using letters
Simple algebra
Solving word problems
Chapter 28: Nets
Making pyramids from nets
Chapter 29: Probability
Certain, impossible, maybe
Likely and unlikely
More about probability
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