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11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning Study and Revision Guide
Peter Francis, Sarah Collins
11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning Study and Revision Guide
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Exam Board: ISEB
Level: 11 Plus
Subject: Non-Verbal Reasoning
First Teaching: September 2016
First Exam: Spring 2017

Secure the top marks in 11 plus independent school entrance exams and pre-tests and a better chance at getting into their school of choice with this essential study and revision guide. Stretching content ensures that all the Non-Verbal Reasoning skills are thoroughly revised ahead of the exams.

- Explains and tests the full range of question types and skills met in Non-Verbal Reasoning in exams
- Prepares pupils for a wide range of independent school exams and pre-tests with challenging extension material
- Builds on existing knowledge with clear cross-curricular links to English
- Features helpful insight in to the exams, with examples, practical tips and advice
- Prepares pupils for exam conditions with timed and levelled exam-style questions
- Identifies strengths and weaknesses using 11 plus sample tests with detailed answer guidance

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Title Page
How to use this book
Part 1: What is Non-Verbal Reasoning?
1 General themes and question types
What you can expect to see
Working out what is important
Questions where the picture changes
Questions where the picture moves
Questions involving algebra
Questions involving matrices
Test 1
Part 2: Skills for solving questions
2 Numbers, shapes and relationships
Working with numbers
Problems involving scale
Shapes and shading
Line styles and angles
3D views of 2D pictures
2D views of 3D pictures
Test 2
3 Links of position and direction
Symmetry and vertical reflections
More reflections
Rotations with 2D pictures
Rotations with 3D pictures
Translations with 2D pictures
Translations and rotations
Test 3
Part 3: Solving complex questions
4 Connections with codes
Codes using numbers and shapes
Codes using position and direction
Codes combining different skills
Test 4
5 Sequences
Sequences using numbers and shapes
Sequences using position and direction
Sequences combining different skills
Test 5
6 Matrices
Matrices using numbers and shapes
Matrices using position and direction
Matrices combining different skills
Test 6
11+ Sample test
11+ Sample test
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