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11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning Practice Papers  2
Peter Francis, Sarah Collins
11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning Practice Papers 2
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Prepare for the most challenging of pre-tests and 11+ independent school entrance exams with six levelled exam papers designed to test pupils' skills in Non-Verbal Reasoning exams for a better chance at getting into their school of choice.

- Develops and perfects exam technique for all major pre-test and 11+ independent school exams including CEM, GL and ISEB
- Features levelled papers to help build skills for the top marks
- Teaches pupils to improve their response rates with timed papers
- Builds exam-room confidence by practising with a variety of exam paper styles
- Identifies weaker areas and improves results with detailed answers and commentary

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How to use this book
Paper 9 (60 questions; average speed)
Paper 10 (60 questions; fast speed)
Paper 11 (30 questions; fast speed)
Paper 12 (10 questions; fast speed)
Paper 13 (60 questions; fast speed)
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