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Pearson Edexcel A level Economics A Fourth Edition
Peter Smith
Pearson Edexcel A level Economics A Fourth Edition
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This updated all-in-one textbook for Pearson Edexcel A level Economics A combines revised topic-by-topic guidance with brand new material. This book:

- provides full coverage of all topics on the Edexcel A level Economics A specification
- builds confidence and essential quantitative skills with knowledge check questions and exercises throughout the book, and answers available online
- helps you understand and explain key economic concepts and issues accurately and effectively with clearly defined key terms throughout the text and in the theme-by-theme glossaries
- keeps you up to date: new exciting case studies with follow-up questions linked to key specification topics will help you analyse and evaluate important economic trends and developments
- develops important skills through new practice questions coupled with extracts and figures, and answers available online

Title Page
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Theme 1 Introduction to markets and market failure
Chapter 1 The nature of economics
Chapter 2 The nature of demand
Chapter 3 The nature of supply
Chapter 4 How markets work: price determination and the price mechanism
Chapter 5 How markets work: the price mechanism in action
Chapter 6 Market failure and externalities
Chapter 7 Market failure: public goods and information gaps
Chapter 8 Government intervention and government failure
Theme 1 key terms
Theme 2 The UK economy — performance and policies
Chapter 9 Measures of economic performance: economic growth
Chapter 10 Measures of economic performance: inflation, unemployment and the balance of payments
Chapter 11 Aggregate demand
Chapter 12 Aggregate supply
Chapter 13 National income and macroeconomic equilibrium
Chapter 14 Economic growth
Chapter 15 Macroeconomic policy objectives
Chapter 16 Macroeconomic policies
Theme 2 key terms
Theme 3 Business behaviour and the labour market
Chapter 17 Business growth
Chapter 18 Revenues, costs, profits and objectives
Chapter 19 Market structure: perfect competition and monopoly
Chapter 20 Market structure: monopolistic competition and oligopoly
Chapter 21 Pricing strategies and contestable markets
Chapter 22 The labour market
Chapter 23 Government intervention to promote competition
Theme 3 key terms
Theme 4 A global perspective
Chapter 24 Globalisation and trade
Chapter 25 Trading blocs and restrictions on trade
Chapter 26 The balance of payments and exchange rates
Chapter 27 Poverty and inequality in developed and developing countries
Chapter 28 Emerging and developing economies
Chapter 29 Strategies influencing growth and development
Chapter 30 The financial sector
Chapter 31 The role of the central bank
Chapter 32 The role of the state in the macroeconomy
Theme 4 key terms
Practice questions
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