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Pearson Edexcel A Level UK Government and Politics Seventh Edition
Neil McNaughton, Toby Cooper
Pearson Edexcel A Level UK Government and Politics Seventh Edition
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Build subject knowledge, develop critical understanding and help students practise the skills they need to succeed in their study of UK Government and Politics. This fully updated textbook for Pearson Edexcel A level Politics will help students develop, understand and engage in the latest developments in UK Government and Politics.
Written by Neil McNaughton and revised by Toby Cooper, this new edition is specially designed to reflect the Pearson Edexcel specification and let students approach complex topics with confidence.
- Comprehensively covers Government of the UK and Politics of the UK
- Places recent developments in a historical context throughout to show the influence of political history on current events
- Builds subject confidence by highlighting key terms and explaining synoptic links between different topics in the specification
- Develops analysis and evaluation skills through debates and practice questions
- Provides answer guidance for practice questions online at www.hoddereducation.com/EdexcelUKPolitics7E

Title Page
UK Politics
1 Democracy and participation
2 Political parties
3 Electoral systems
4 Voting behaviour and the media
UK Government
5 The Constitution
6 Parliament
7 The prime minister and the executive
8 Relations between the branches
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