A History of Norwegian Immigration to the United States : From the Earliest Beginning down to the Year 1848

A History of Norwegian Immigration to the United States : From the Earliest Beginning down to the Year 1848

By George T. (George Tobias) Flom
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  • A History of Norwegian Immigration to The United States
    • CHAPTER I Norway: Population, Resources, Pursuits of her People, Social Conditions, Laws and Institutions.
    • CHAPTER II Emigration from Norway.
    • CHAPTER III The Earliest Immigrants from Norway, 1620 to 1825.
    • CHAPTER IV The Sloopers of 1825. The First Norwegian Settlement in America. Kleng Peerson.
    • CHAPTER V The Founding of the Fox River Settlement. Personal Notes on Some of the Founders.
    • CHAPTER VI Causes of Emigration from Norway. General Factors, Economic.
    • CHAPTER VII Causes of Emigration Continued. Special Factors. Religion as a Cause. Emigration Agents.
    • CHAPTER VIII Causes of Emigration continued. The Influence of Successful Pioneers. “America-letters.” The Spirit of Adventure. Summary.
    • CHAPTER IX Growth of the Fox River Settlement. The Immigration of 1836. Further Personal Sketches.
    • CHAPTER X The Year 1837. The Sailing of Aegir.
    • CHAPTER XI Beaver Creek. Ole Rynning.
    • CHAPTER XII Some of the Immigrants of 1837. The First Pathfinders from Numedal and Telemarken.
    • CHAPTER XIII Ansten Nattestad’s Return to Norway in 1838. The Year 1839. Immigration Assumes Larger Proportions. The Course of Settlement Changes.
    • CHAPTER XIV Shelby County, Missouri. Ansten Nattestad’s Return from Norway in 1839. The Founding of the Jefferson Prairie Settlement in Rock County, Wisconsin.
    • CHAPTER XV The Earliest White Settlers on Rock and Jefferson Prairies. The Founding of the Rock Prairie Settlement. The Earliest Settlers on Rock Prairie
    • CHAPTER XVI The Rock Run Settlement. Other Immigrants of 1839. The Immigration of 1840.
    • CHAPTER XVII The Settlement of Norway and Raymond Townships, Racine County. The Founders of the Settlement. Immigration to Racine County in 1841–1842.
    • CHAPTER XVIII The Establishment of the Koshkonong Settlement in Dane County, Wisconsin.
    • CHAPTER XIX The Settling of Koshkonong by Immigrants from Numedal and Stavanger in 1840. Other Accessions in 1841–1842.
    • CHAPTER XX New Accessions to the Koshkonong Settlement in 1840–1841. The Growth of the Settlement in 1842.
    • CHAPTER XXI The First Norwegian Settlement in Iowa, at Sugar Creek, in Lee County
    • CHAPTER XXII The Earliest Norwegian Settlers at Wiota, La Fayette County, and Dodgeville, Iowa County, Wisconsin
    • CHAPTER XXIII Growth of the Jefferson Prairie Settlement from 1841 to 1845. The First Norwegian Land Owners in Rock County.
    • CHAPTER XXIV Immigration to Rock Prairie from Numedal and Land in 1842 and Subsequent Years.
    • CHAPTER XXV Immigration from Hallingdal, Norway, to Rock Prairie from 1843 to 1848. Continued Immigration from Numedal. Other Early Accessions.
    • CHAPTER XXVI Economic Conditions of Immigrants. Cost of Passage. Course of the Journey. Duration of the Journey.
    • CHAPTER XXVII Norwegians in Chicago, 1840–1845. A Vossing Colony. Some Early Settlers in Chicago from Hardanger.
    • CHAPTER XXVIII The Earliest Norwegian Settlers in the Township of Pleasant Spring, Dane County, Wisconsin
    • CHAPTER XXIX The First Norwegian Settlers in the Townships of Dunkirk, Dunn, and Cottage Grove, in Dane County, Wisconsin.
    • CHAPTER XXX The Expansion of the Koshkonong Settlement into Sumner and Oakland Townships in Jefferson County. Increased Immigration from Telemarken. New Settlers from Kragerö, Drammen and Numedal.
    • CHAPTER XXXI The Coming of the First Large Party of Immigrants from Sogn. New Accessions from Voss.
    • CHAPTER XXXII Long Prairie in Boone County, Illinois; a Sogning Settlement.
    • CHAPTER XXXIII The Growth of the Racine County (Muskego) Settlement, 1843–1847. Personal Notes.
    • CHAPTER XXXIV The Heart Prairie Settlement in Walworth County, Wisconsin. Skoponong. Pine Lake.
    • CHAPTER XXXV The Earliest Norwegian Settlers at Sugar Creek, Walworth County, Wisconsin. The influx from Land, Norway, to Wiota and Vicinity, 1844–1852
    • CHAPTER XXXVI Continued Immigration from Aurland, Sogn, to Koshkonong. The Arrival of Settlers from Vik Parish, Sogn, in 1845.
    • CHAPTER XXXVII “Kirkeregister.” Church Register of the East Koshkonong, West Koshkonong and Liberty Prairie Congregations as Constituted During the Years of Reverend J. W. C. Dietrichson’s Incumbency of the Pastorate from 1844 to 1850, and as Recorded by Reverend Dietrichson. [341]
    • CHAPTER XXXVIII The Founding of the Norwegian Settlements of Norway Grove, Spring Prairie and Bonnet Prairie in Dane and Columbia Counties, Wisconsin.
    • CHAPTER XXXIX Blue Mounds in Western Dane County, Wisconsin
    • CHAPTER XL The Hardanger Settlement in Lee and De Kalb Counties, Illinois. Big Grove in Kendall County and Nettle Creek in Grundy County, Illinois.
    • CHAPTER XLI The First Norwegian Pioneers in Northeastern Iowa
    • CHAPTER XLII Survey of Immigration from Norway to America. Conclusion.
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