Nelson Key Geography Interactions

Nelson Key Geography Interactions

By David Waugh, Tony Bushell
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Book Description

This newest edition of David Waugh and Tony Bushell's Key Geography provides support for the 2014 KS3 Programme of Study, with a focus on developing key geographical skills and techniques to prepare students for Key Stage 4. The Interactions Student Book includes chapters on China and Plate tectonics. Answers to the activities can be found in the Interactions Teacher's Handbook.

Table of Contents
  • Front Cover
  • Title Page
  • Contents
  • 1 Environmental regions
    • How are environmental regions at risk?
    • What factors affect climate?
    • What is Britain’s climate?
    • What are ecosystems?
    • What is the equatorial climate?
    • What are tropical rainforests?
    • What is a Mediterranean climate?
    • What is Mediterranean vegetation like?
    • What is a hot desert climate?
    • How do plants and wildlife survive in hot deserts?
    • What are polar regions like?
  • 2 Plate tectonics
    • What are volcanoes and earthquakes like?
    • Where do volcanoes and earthquakes happen?
    • How do volcanoes and earthquakes happen?
    • What are volcanoes?
    • What happens when a volcano erupts?
    • What happens in an earthquake?
    • What happened in the Indian Ocean earthquake?
    • How can the earthquake danger be reduced?
    • Two earthquakes compared
  • 3 Resources and the environment
    • What is the environment problem?
    • Why are we concerned about the environment?
    • Who cares for the environment?
    • Why does wildlife need protecting?
    • How can industry pollute the environment?
    • How can environments be damaged?
    • What non-renewable and renewable resources are there?
    • Electricity and the environment
    • How can we conserve resources?
    • Why is soil an important resource?
    • Why is it important to protect our forests?
  • 4 China – the emerging nation
    • What is China like?
    • What are China’s main physical features?
    • What are China’s main population features?
    • A journey through China
    • What is it like living in Shanghai?
    • What is life like in rural Sichuan province?
    • Shenzhen – a powerhouse in the Chinese economy
  • 5 International development
    • What is the development problem?
    • Where in the world ...?
    • Too many people?
    • How do jobs affect development?
    • How does trade affect development?
    • Is development spread evenly?
    • How can the rich help the poor?
    • Should we give aid?
  • 6 Key skills: enquiries
    • How can we use questions in geography?
    • How can we design a questionnaire?
    • How can we measure shopping quality?
    • What is a geographical enquiry?
    • What are the key sections of an enquiry?
    • How should an enquiry be presented?
  • Glossary and Index
  • Map of the World
  • Back Cover
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