The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet

By Ronald Welch
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Book Description

As Peter wanders around the ruined castle of Carreg Cennen he makes an amazing discovery - a rusted metal gauntlet. As he slips it on to his hand he is transported back to the fourteenth century, to a time when his Norman ancestors held the castle. Accepted as the eldest son of Sir Roger de Blois, Peter learns how to hawk, fight, and shoot a longbow. But, when a rebellion arises, it's up to Peter to escape from the besieged castle and fetch help. Ronald Welch is
celebrated as one of the best writers of historical fiction for children and this thrilling story has been captivating readers for many years with its combination of fast-paced adventure and authentic historical detail. This edition also features the original black and white illustrations that bring the
story and the era vividly to life.

Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Title
  • Dedication
  • Author’s Note
  • Contents
  • List of Illustrations
  • 1: Peter Finds the Gauntlet
  • 2: Carreg Cennen Castle
  • 3: Brass Rubbing
  • 4: The Gauntlet Again
  • 5: Roger De Blois
  • 6: A Medieval Dinner
  • 7: A Medieval Manor
  • 8: The Long-Bow
  • 9: Falconry
  • 10: The Education of a Page
  • 11: The Abbey of Valle Crucis
  • 12: Sir William De Chaworth
  • 13: Kidwelly Castle
  • 14: The Joust at Kidwelly Castle
  • 15: The Siege of Carreg Cennen Castle
  • 16: Down the Precipice
  • 17: Peter Returns
  • 18: Peter Finds his Proof
  • About the Author
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  • Copyright
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